5 Zodiac signs that are more likely to stick to their New Year’s resolutions

Are your stars aligned for the New Year?

26 April, 2024
5 Zodiac signs that are more likely to stick to their New Year’s resolutions

In a few days, it’s going to be curtains down for 2023. And no matter how this year has treated you, chances are, your social media feed has already started filling up with ‘new year, new me’ posts and that you’ve already thought of a resolution that you want to make and at least try to stick to. You could want to travel more, learn a new language or even hit the gym more. But the fact of the matter is, most people abandon their resolution in the first week of January itself. Although we believe, your Zodiac has something to do with this. We’ve curated a list of signs that are more likely to stick to their resolutions and see them through. Take a look and if you’re not on this list, maybe you could tear a page from their book. 


Just like their symbol, the mountain goat, Capricorns aren’t afraid of taking a rocky terrain to reach their destinations. They are not only one of the most organised in the Zodiac but they also view the world in black or white. When they set their mind and heart on something, they go after it like a horse with blinders. They are usually diligent and strategic workers. Nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. And so, while the rest of us give up on our resolutions by the third day of the year, Capricorns see them through.  


The perfectionist Virgo will stick to their New Year’s resolutions, mainly because they don’t believe in committing to something that they can’t achieve or abandoning a plan. People born under this sign might have a reputation for being OCD-level control freaks but Virgos are smart and hard-working. When they set a goal, they believe in starting small and building up to it instead of trying to achieve it overnight. By their very nature, they are practical and set realistic expectations. 


People born under this Zodiac love to broaden their horizons. They thrive on new experiences and new adventures. From travelling to reading a new book, they are never satiated. Hence, when they make a New Year’s resolution, it’s generally to learn something or go somewhere and they make sure they accomplish their goal before the year ends.  


As one of the most tenacious and intuitive signs, Cancerians generally make New Year's resolutions only when they know they will be able to keep them. They never back down from a challenge, especially when it's one they’ve set for themselves. Their ambitions (not only in their professional life) soar and there is no holding them back! 


The ruling planet for Taurus is Venus, which oversees romance, money, beauty, and relationships and so their resolutions are usually based around these themes. They are determined and methodical. And so, when they’ve set out to achieve something, they ensure they don’t quit halfway.