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Meet These Real Life Adult Babies

Adorable or not? You will find out.

It's the weird and beautiful world of Adult Babies as seen by the Australian born photographer Polly Borland. The first time Polly Borland heard about the babies, she thought, No, that couldn't exist. Until her friend assured her it did. There were secretive clubs in England back in the 90s where adult men spent weekends dressing up as babies, napping in cribs, wearing and soiling diapers and sometimes even suckling a surrogate mother's teat.

Then, Polly finally found herself meeting the Hush-a-Bye-Baby Club in Gillingham, Kent, a place where fully grown men would check in to roister in various states of infantile regression. The Hush-a-Byes would spend their time wearing (and using) nappies, crawling on the ground, sleeping in cots and on occasions, suckling from the teat of a 'mother'.

"The light, the colour, they're quite beautiful – but, they are flabby old men dressed up as babies. People find it creepy. It's a creepiness that they can't get their hands on, or can't get their minds around." said Polly Borland in a media interview.

So, why do they do it? Borland puts it down to a fetish, inspired by some kind of alienation. But, ultimately, that isn't really important. "Some of them were baby purists – they believed if you were a baby, it was pre-sexual, pre-language. Some of them (chose the 'baby age' of) two or three-years-old, because they said that was the moment they kind of knew that they weren't getting what they needed from their mothers," she recalls in an interview with media.