7 Qualities Every Girl Should Be Looking For in a Boyfriend

...because you deserve the best!




 It's hard to tell if a guy is 'boyfriend' material when you first start dating. However, there are a few qualities that all good boyfriends must possess! Check out out top 7 qualities that every girl should be looking for in her bae! 

1) Honesty. ​All relationships are build on honestly and this is the number one quality a good boyfriend must possess.

2) Smart. ​An intelligent guy is a huge turn on! He should be able to carry an intelligent conversation with you and others with his knowledge. 

3) Committed. ​A man that is not afraid to commit to you, is truly a keeper! It shows that he is not afraid to be with you for the long run! 

4) Funny. ​A sense of humor is easily one of the best qualities in a good partner! When a guy can make you laugh (especially the times you need it the most), he is gold! 

5) Patient. ​Sometimes we have our moments when we lose out sh*t (that time of the month!) and really need someone to keep us grounded. A guy should have the patience to tackle our ever changing moods! 

6) Confident. ​A guy that is confident (not cocky) is super sexy! It is one of the most attractive qualities because it shows that he believes in himself! 

7) Caring. ​You should always be with someone who will be there for you when you need them the most! A caring man is one to hold on to.