7 Ways to Stay Cool in Crazy Hot Weather





The thought of stepping out in the blazing sun can be...dreadful! Here are some easy ways to keep cool in this hot weather! 

1) Drink fluids. 
Keep your body cool and hydrated by drinking a ton of fluids! Some of our fav summer drinks (besides water) are mojitos, lemonade & sparkling water! 

2) Carry a facial mist. 
The best way to refresh your face on the go is by using a facial spray! Mist your face anytime you need a quick pick me up! 

The best part of summer is adding ice to your favourite drinks! If you need coffee in the morning, why not add ice? If you prefer tea, get iced tea! We mean it, you can add ice to almost any drink to cool you down! 

4) Get ice cream! 
There is literally nothing better than eating yummy ice cream on a hot day! It's refreshing and delicious, but if you are watching those calories to keep your bikini body in check, try frozen yoghurt instead.

5) Chill at the pool! 
Is there anything better than lounging at the pool? We think not! Invite your girlfriends along for the ultimate way to say cool this Summer! 

6) Wear cotton. 
Wearing cotton clothes will help absorb sweat as it is one of the most breathable fabrics out there. If you want to keep dry, wear this versatile fabric! 

7) Aloe Vera love!
Instead of using your regular body lotion, use aloe vera! Your skin will love the hydration and the cooling effects of this miracle gel.