9 Things You Should Never Do At Work

Don't say we didn't warn you!

There are many ways you can succeed at work and impress the sh*t of your boss! Coming in on time, staying late, working your hardest, are all things that will get you noticed and hopefully a promotion in the near future. However, there are some mistakes you should avoid at all costs, if you want to excel at your job and get noticed (in a good way)! 

1) Cry. 
Crying at work gives off the impression that you are unable to handle pressure well.  Just don't do it.

2) Gossip. 
As tempting as it is, gossiping at work is never a good idea. It may cause you to get dragged into a sticky situation later that can affect your job in a negative way.

3) Complain. 
No one likes to deal with someone who constantly is negative, so make an effort to keep complaining at a minimum.

4) Fall asleep. 
#obvious but #thetruth

5) Talk negative about your boss.
This is a no brainer. Even if you feel like your colleagues can be trusted, y
ou never know how things can spread and your boss may find out. Take out advice either always be complimentary or say nothing at all.

6) Curse.
Swearing work is extremely unprofessional so leave the potty mouth at home!

7) Steal. 
You may think grabbing a few office supplies or small things from work is no big deal, but getting caught can be extremely embarrassing and damaging to your reputation.

8) Personal tasks. 
Unless extremely urgent, leave your personal tasks for before or after work. Getting caught checking personal emails/calls can leave a bad impression of you in front of your management.

9) Come in drunk/drink at work. 
Again, super obvious, but it is never a good idea to come into work hungover, intoxicated or have drinks during work hours.