This Is What's Holding You Back In Life, Based On Your Birth Season

Looks like your birth season has as much to do with your life as your zodiac sign!

Ever noticed how we seem to have a pattern in the kind of mistakes we make in life, especially that one particular hiccup that holds us back—every single time? Well, let us tell you, there might actually be more then karma at play over here.

According to recent studies, the particular time of year in which you were born may have a little something to do with how you live your life, especially when it comes to the mistakes you tend to make.

Intrigued? Read on to see how your birth season compels you to commit a certain type of mistake, so that you can side-step that landmine, the next time. #AlwaysReady

1. Winter :

"Good times can't last, I just know it."

You are never able to enjoy the moment, because every time you find yourself having a good time, you ruin your mood by thinking of how it will end soon, and something bad is about to happen to nullify your unexplained joy. The world around you isn't actually the reason you are sad, it's how you are always expecting it to turn on you and result in a bad ending. Have a little belief in happiness and sunshine, take a leaf out of Spring's book if you must.

2. Spring:

"But everything looks so good, how can I possibly choose?"

Freedom. Independence. Options.These are your favourite three words, because of which you have trouble with commitment. You hesitate when it comes to making major life decisions, because you are worried about making the wrong one. The problem is that you always feel like the grass is greener on the other side—be it career, relationships, family, fashion—almost anything . Our advice? Time to stick to the thing you like, which is right in front of you, and you truly enjoy.

3. Summer:

"The problem is me , I'm just not good enough"

You are your worst critic, and boy, do you ever mince your words! You are working too hard and criticising yourself wayyy too much. No matter how many hours you put into your work week, you still feel like you aren't doing enough. You feel like you aren't where you are meant to be and are falling behind everyone else. You spend most days wishing you made more money, wishing you had more friends, wishing you were somebody else. Trust us, you aren't doing as bad as you think you are, try to give yourself a little self love. You deserve it!

4. Autumn

"Change is scary, I'm happier staying put as is."

Here's a word of advice for all you children of Autumn. For things to get better in life, they have to change. Learn to accept the unknown and embrace it, we promise it's not as scary as you think. You play it safe. You are afraid of taking risks and scared of change. Even though you aren't entirely happy with the way your life is going right now, you aren't doing anything to change the situation, because you are comfortable. It's much easier for you to accept the way things are than to put in the effort to move out and quit your job and end your toxic relationship. Things aren't just going to fall into your lap like a dream, no matter how much you wish they will. You have to make the changes required to get there.

If you found this relatable, then it's time you took note and made some life changes.

P.S. It's even more difficult for us because we are Autumn, but here goes nothing!