Ladies, are You Single? Turns Out, You're Happier Than Most Single Men

A recent study showed that single women are happier than single men. 

It's one of the biggest cliches that woman are always desperate to find a partner and settle down, whereas men are happy being free and independent. 

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While it can be considered ridiculous, this regressive idea is prevalent even in today's day and age. Fortunately, there's at least someone who finally decided to turn to science to lay this silly stereotype to rest.

In a recent study conducted by data analysts Mintel (UK), it was found that 61 per cent of single women are happy being single, versus 49 per cent of single men.

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According to Professor Emily Grundy of the University of Essex, the reason for this is that women tend to work harder in relationships. "There's evidence that women spend longer on domestic tasks than men and I think they also do more emotional work - so they still do more housework and cooking, and things as well as more emotional labour," said Grundy. 

Most women, she added, often form stronger bonds with friends than men, and this provides a support network that men may not commonly have. "Certainly there's a finding from a lot of studies that women who don't have a partner tend to do more social activities and have more friends compared to women with partners, whereas with men it's the reverse - men without a partner tend to do much less of that," she said. As a result, men may find themselves lonelier when not in a relationship.


Interestingly, this study also suggests that this trend only gets more pronounced with age, becoming much stronger among women over 45. While 32 per cent of single women aged between 45 and 65 were very happy alone, the same was true of just 19 per cent of men of the same age.

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And this does not only hold true of the UK, statistics taken from other countries such as Canada and the US display similar trends as well.

Well, looks like single women everywhere are having the last laugh, especially when it comes to being the happier of the two sexes. :)