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5 Apps That Will Change Your Life For The Better

A whole new world of convenience at the touch of button. 

Let’s face it — our lives are run by technology. Even as I type this, and as you read this on your phone or computer, technology is helping us in every aspect of our lives. From daily chores, like grocery shopping and laundry, to more complicated stuff like banking, is simply done at the touch of a button via apps. There’s an app for everything nowadays, and they’re only making our lives easier by the day. Need to make payments? Need to get clothes laundered? Need to get snacks and cigarettes delivered in the middle of the night? Need to keep a tab on your pet?  There’s an app for all of that.

If you’re wondering what are these wonderful apps that have made life so much easier for us, we’re here with our list of must-have apps that you can thank us for later:


1. Launderette

This is unlike any other laundry service you’ll try. This is five-star level service at the same price of your local laundry. They take expert care of your clothes, no matter what kind, and  pay special attention to stains. Simply download the app, and book your slot. Launderette will pick up your clothes from your home and deliver it to you as per your convenience. Get ready for super clean and fresh clothes at the touch of a button! 


2. Duolingo

Already a popular app among youngsters, this wiz app will help you learn any foreign language in a trice. From French to Greek, to even Klingon, you can learn upto 30 languages using a single app. It’s interactive and super user-friendly, and a good teacher. So go ahead, master that foreign language you’ve always wanted to learn, while sitting in the comfort of your home.


3. Clue

Ever had questions about your body and/or sex, and were too embarrassed to ask anyone? Clue is the app you need. It’s an app that helps track your periods, answers questions about sex, and even educates you on your body — everything from hormones to menstruation to STDs. And fun, educational, and body-positive app, this one will not only open your mind to the realities of your physical and sexual health, it’ll help you lead a better, more informed life.


4. Headspace

All of us, no matter what profession we’re in, lead stress-filled, hectic lives. This has led to a rise in mental health issues, all over. And while mental health is very important, and tricky to deal with, one thing that we can all do with is a few moments of peace. Which is where meditation and mindfulness comes in. Headspace is an app that not only teaches you how to meditate regularly, it also teaches you mindfulness and being present. This life-changing app has been lauded by many and is rated as one of the best meditation app out there.


5. My Fitness Pal

Losing weight and getting fit can be such a task, given busy schedules and expensive gyms. But there is an app that will help you work out and be your virtual trainer for free. This app not only plans out your workouts, but also tracks your daily nutrition, ensuring you follow a wholesome, healthy routine. What’s more, you can connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts and experts to make sure you’re on the right track. Ready to get fit?