5 Top Tricks to Stay Fit, According to These Super-Toned Personal Trainers

How do you beat sugar cravings, turn bad gym sessions around, and give Beyoncé a run for her money?

These are the PT's who are dishing out their secrets so that you can stay toned AF!


























Monday: weight training. Tuesday: power yoga. Wednesday: kickboxing. Thursday: weight training with spinning. Friday: power yoga. Saturday: stretching+weights. That is what Leena Mogre’s week in fitness looks like. “Challenge your body, involve the mind and don’t get used to any one workout.” “I do yoga, pilates, aerobics, step aerobics, dancing, aqua aerobics and some special regimes like boot camp, kickboxing, battle ropes, foam rollers, medicine ball and kettlebells,” says Kiran Sawhney. Pick from their choices of exercise, or change things up at the gym every now and then.

There’s no such thing as a bad workout. “But, if stress or tiredness get in the way, get involved in a group activity,” says Leena. The energy level in the room will help boost yours! “Get a friend to join you or exercise to some of your favourite songs,” says Neeraj Mehta. Kiran’s advice: modify the intensity, change the resistance, and add fun without compromising on technique.  

Yasmin Karachiwala stresses that sticking to a balanced diet—a mix of proteins, carbs, fibre and fat—helps combat all kinds of cravings. “A no-carb diet is unhealthy. The lack of sugar creates sugar in the body.” This in turn makes you crave the sweet stuff. Yasmin keeps a couple of dates handy, while Anshuka Parwani swears by fruits (natural sugar all the way!). The panel synonymously agrees: a square of 85 percent dark chocolate a day is but sanctimonious!

After a while it will come naturally to you. Yasmin’s life mantra: be fit because you deserve to. And because you bought that gorgeous dress that you absolutely must fit into! Most of the panel rises early, gets busy working on their bodies, sticks to a mostly vegetarian diet (with a healthy dose of lean meat) and keeps alcohol consumption to the minimal. Breakfast is usually glorious, followed by five to six smaller meals. Anshuka regularly cleanses her system with jal neti and other yogic practices, alongside practicing meditation and mindfulness daily. As Leena puts it, “The body must be subjected to preventive maintenance.” Would you skip a delicious meal because you were tired or because your favourite movie was on TV? No? Okay, then there’s no reason for you to skip the gym or that walk!

Alcohol remains in your system for 24 hours, so drinking in moderation is the key. A glass of wine gets a green signal from the panel. “I always stick to red,” says Anshuka, “Did you know it’s good for your skin?” Vodka+soda/water/Diet Coke is another social staple. Yasmin allows herself one ‘Cheat Day’ a week. “But make sure you choose between cocktails and desserts on that day,” she warns, “As they’re both high on calories.” The salad bar is the only bar our panel frequents. “It’s that or the grill,” Anshuka grins.

According to Yasmin, form must never be compromised. “People tend to go to extremes, ignoring the warning signs,” Vesna Jacob tells. To avoid injuries, get proper rest and give yourself enough to recuperate. “I love returning to my mat after a good night’s sleep,” Anshuka smiles.

This article was originally published in December 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan India.