The Secret to Keeping Your Closet Specials for Life Lies in Washing Them Right

Because maintaining your most loved outfits will help you celebrate the good times you associate with them. 

Our clothes, sometimes, become a reminder of an experience, and for some people, certain delicate pieces hold an emotional value as well. Like that LBD you wore to your freshers party, the hoodie you borrowed from your SO, or the whacky avocado print woollen socks that remind you of your first solo trip.

alia bhatt

These fineries are dear to us, and needless to say, we want these garments to stay on fleek, forever. Well, here are some cool (& easy) tricks to keep your fave attire in its best condition, always:

  1. Pair ‘em well!

Washing a pair of corduroy pants (that just can’t help spread its notorious lint all over the laundry) with a lint-magnet LBD, is definitely not a good idea. But, on days when you’re short on time, and your LBD has to be washed with its nemesis (aka lint exuding clothes), Bosch’s Magic filter can come to the rescue. It gathers all the fluff and saves your LBD from looking like a polar bear!


2. Open zippers are hazardous to other clothes

Imagine the VIPs of your closet, busy taking a dip in the soapy, lazy river (aka washing machine) without a worry in the world, and suddenly, a tug breaks this reverie. Well, the chances of an undone zipper damaging delicate clothing are pretty high. So, ensure that the zippers of your clothes are properly closed before putting them in the washing machine.

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3.Unbutton the shirt dresses

While the zippers need to be closed, buttons should not be fastened. If left fastened, the motion combinations in the machine can sometimes damage the buttons as well as the buttonholes. 


4. A quick colour bleeding test FTW!

Nope, it’s not a waste of time if this simple test can save you from the heartache of seeing your fave white shirt turn into an art piece which can only be named ‘a riot of colours.’


5. Delicate cycle for knitwear is not a luxury but a necessity.

The majority of our wardrobe consists of knitwear- that hoodie from college, a black tee that is a staple in almost every #OOTD, or the trusted shirt dresses that make us look put together in no time, and quite effortlessly at that too.  Strong wash cycles often distort these clothing items. It is important to wash knitwear in a delicate cycle to properly clean it without worrying about stretching or shrinking the fabric. With Bosch’s eight unique wash programs, your clothes will get the deep-cleaning that they need, without any damage.


These hacks will surely help you maintain your most loved outfits, so, you can celebrate the good time you associate with them. Just like the Bosch top loading washing machine that cleans clothes with the utmost care, and ensures that the delicate pieces get the care they deserve! It’s time you got one for your dearies already.