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10 Things You Should NEVER Post On Instagram

These are the posts you should be avoiding to ensure your popularity does not dip.

Was there really life before Instagram? Let's face it, this social media platform that has only been around for eight years and it's pretty much taken over everything. We use Insta to post all things beautiful and inspirational that make up our day, exchange gifs and memes to communicate with our friends, and more or less create a cyber version of our lives. 


Truth be told, most of us end up checking on our Instagram feeds and stories more then a few times a day, making it the most common way in which we interact with the rest of the world. From getting major FOMO and vacation envy to even setting fitness goals, it's safe to say that our Insta profiles have a huge influence on our friends and followers. 

Even though it might seem like there are no rules in Insta land you can just post anything you feel like, this is not the case. Certain kind of posts can make you seem conceited, insensitive or boring, even if  inadvertently so. So, the next time you open your app, these  are the ten kinds of posts you should steer clear from, especially on a regular basis. The idea is not to curtail your freedom of expression, but rather to bring in a little bit of polite etiquette, kind of like how you should behave when you are in company. 

1. The TMI post

Though everyone might find different things to be TMI (too much information), it's safe to say that there are a few general dos and don'ts. Posting about being super sick, your bedroom or bathroom activities, and pretty much anything you would not want your grandma to see is usually a no no. You might think it's boring to be so PG, but it's better to be safe than sorry, especially when your post could be offensive to some.

2.The how much you hate your job post


It seems like a no brainer that you should not talk about your work or your boss on social media, but you will be surprised how easy it is t get caught up in an angry or frustrated moment and vent. Bottom line: Just don't do it. It is unprofessional and inappropriate and can get you into trouble as well.

3. The FOMO or jealous post

It's totally natural to feel a little left out or envious of your friends at times, but there is no need to rant or post on social media about it. putting up a pic on your couch saying 'bored at home while everyone else parties' is NOT cute. Accept the Fomo and deal with it quietly, there is no need to make an Insta occasion out of it.

4.The hourly selfies


Or just, way too many selfies. Of course, we all post some selfies on our Instagram feed, that is normal. What can be annoying to others is putting up multiple photos of your face, no matter how hot you look or how much fun you are having. Take it from us, one is enough for the moment.

5. The vague and mysterious post

We all know which one we are talking about. Sometimes, we want to vent on our feed or send out a message to a specific person or people. So, you put up a random picture with a loaded caption, but without getting into any details. Some of you might say things like 'dealing with something' or 'can't tell the whole story' . Though this might make one or two people curious, to most it is annoying AF. It will also make someone you are targeting feel attacked. Trust us, there is no winning with this one.

6. The ring selfie.



It's natural to be super excited about getting engaged, even cute to put up a picture holding up your ring (pretty much a social media norm). Just do not post a ring selfie-aka photo of the ring.Why, you may ask? Because its kind of obnoxious TBH and it may make you seem materialistic, along with annoying some of your followers as well.

7.The vacation overlaid post

We all know holidays make for the best photos ever. That's even part of the fun of it, taking fab photos and posting them on Instagram. While it might be nice to explore a city and share it with your friends, the problem happens when you post ALL your vacation pictures, several times a day for a week or more. Your followers are going to get bored, irritated or might even thing you are showing off.

Which brings us to...

8.The bragging post


It's super obvious to everyone when you put up an Instagram post to brag. It could be about a new car, bag, shopping, relationship or flying first class. Truth be told, nobody likes a show-off. There is nothing wrong with being proud or yourself and your life, just do it in a tasteful way. If you are trying to act like the coolest person ever, people will pick up on it and many may not be impressed.

9.The super-long caption post

You could be the best writer in the world, there is just no need to show it on every Instagram post. If your captions could be a novel, you are doing something wrong. It's ok to put up one poetic or literary post, especially if its about a pertinent issue. Just don't go for three paras every time you take Fluffy to the vet or go for a morning jog, or people might start unfollowing you.

10. The complaint rant


We all have our problems, and nobody is following you on Instagram to read about yours. Instagram is meant to be inspirational and uplifting, so unless you are bringing light to a social issue or real problem, keep your negativity to the min. Nobody wants to know about your neighbour blocking your parking space again this morning.