7 Lust-Worthy Pieces of Jewellery, You Need to Own This Season

Be it a casual outing or a big bash, we've picked out this season's major must-haves for you. 

Lights, parties, get together...there’s something about this festive mood that brings people together to create memories.

While it is a great time to meet up with friends, play cards and click group photos, deciding looks and picking the right accessories for different occasions is a big part of the hassle.

We can all relate to the struggles of a busy girl who has a demanding job, but wants to keep up with trends and has to look her best self before she steps out to be the life of a party.

So prepare to dazzle this season with these stunning pieces from Swarovski that’ll not only make sure that every moment is about you, but will also make for a great everyday wear accessory.



The always in trend, circular motifs are something that go with every mood. From a casual outing to attending a work meeting or a party, the Creativity Bracelet is just the wrist candy you need right now.




A girl needs her pair of statement earrings, from time to time. Which is why this long pair of crystal mesh earrings is something you shouldn’t miss out on.




We’re all guilty of dropping everything else and showing up wearing those specific pair of shoes, that purse and that necklace that goes with everything. Well, this Mix Necklace may just join that lot of accessories that you’ll end up wearing more often.




Switching from a traditional to a modern look, or vice-versa, is a million times easier when you have the accessories that multi-task. These Mayfly Pierced Earrings are perfect for those who want to transition into many looks in a day and simultaneously put the G back in glamour.




We know that on some days you don’t shy away from being a li’l extra. Throw on some glittery shoes, a long skater dress and work these statement pair of clip earrings.




An accessory that you can wear with a dress, a pair of denims or a tracksuit is something you should buy without giving a second thought. This Y-shaped necklace is delicate, but totally capable of raising the glamour quotient.




Every girl wants a pair of earrings for the days when she wants to skip wearing any other sort of accessory. Hence, this pair of Creativity earrings. The OTT element in this one takes the attention away from everything and everyone, and makes sure that every moment is about you.