9 Cosmo Readers Confess Their Most Shocking and Steamy Secrets

"A few days ago, I went on a girls’ day out and ended up spending my entire credit card balance on a handbag"

1.“When I was dating my ex, I told him about some of the things I had learned from past dating experiences. He told me his ex-girlfriend was at uni getting her PhD, then looked at me and said, ‘I realised I can’t date someone smarter than me’. What kind of person says that to a girl he’s currently dating?”—Zoya T.,  28

2.“While drinking with a friend, I said I wanted a tattoo right then and there. She was very supportive. I finished my beer, hit up a tattoo parlour, and ended up with the ugliest blue-and-purple butterfly in existence. When I went back, I just told the artist to ‘fix it’. As luck would have it, it ended up much worse!”—Prachi M., 29


3.“A few days ago, I went on a girls’ day out and ended up spending my entire credit card balance on a handbag. So I pretended I was on a diet and skipped dinner because I didn’t have any cash. Big mistake!”—Ishita S., 22


4.“My sister and I decided to go on a 30-day diet. We’d drink detox water and religiously follow the diet throughout the day. But as soon as she’d go to bed, I’d sneak into the kitchen and binge-eat fried and sugary snacks. She never found out and was actually worried that I didn’t lose any weight. Well...”—-Lakshita S., 18

5.“During my first year in college, I went out with a guy from my class. He wore a ‘bros before hoes’ T-shirt to the date. I tried not to judge but he turned out to be a narcissist. I spent the rest of my college life avoiding him.” —Esha V, 21

6.“I was on a date with this super-hot guy and I was really excited about it. That lasted for about 10 minutes until he asked me if he could cup my boobs and guess my bra size. I ran the hell out of there.”—Riya S., 30

7.“I went out with a guy who worked in HR, and he literally treated the date like an interview. He asked me how many vacation days I had, how long I’ve been working at my company, and what kind of benefits were offered. He also mansplained PTO and told me that I should take more time off. Umm, no thanks!”—Ayesha B., 25

8.“I met this dude on Tinder who said he wanted to take me to a movie. When I got there, I saw a scruffy man waiting at the entrance, and I thought, ‘Wow, I hope that’s not my date!’. It was. I ghosted him and texted him days later saying, ‘I was sick’.”—Pallavi G., 28

Guys Confess  

9.“I had two best friends, a guy and a girl, and we were called the Three Musketeers. I was texting the girl friend about how dumb our guy friend was for not realising his girlfriend cheated on him. I then realised that I had texted him and not her. You guessed it, there were no ‘Three Musketeers’ post that.”—Neeraj S., 25