Four Brave Women Speak About the #FreeTheNipple Movement

These women join Cosmo in a movement to accept a woman’s body for what it is.

Prabhleen Kaur

Fashion Designer


“It’s about time social media stopped governing our freedom to express, be it by censoring nipples or otherwise. I had recently posted a video of an art installation from Tate Modern, London, which involved visuals of a naked female body. And days after, Instagram removed it saying, ‘It does not follow community guidelines’. I’ve been trolled for being too skinny, while my friends have been told they’re too ‘heavy’, and it’s now that we need to make a cause for acceptance.”

Prabhleen's look: glimmering lids

Dive into the glitter trend head-on by swiping a bold hue across lids. Don’t be shade-shy, because this season, everything from red to blue to violet and black’s a go! Pro tip: steer clear of bold lipstick, and just use a tint to let your eyes shine bright.

Credits: Hair and Make-Up: Savleen Manchanda, Fashion Assistant: neikimlhing; Sheer dress, Rahul Mishra; chain necklace, koovs.com, gloves, Kerry Parker

Merrylin Boro



“Given the way the world is now, showing a woman’s nipples is hardly offensive. And #FreeTheNipple is a positive sign towards giving women the power to feel confident in their own skin. Even before the movement became a thing, I’d post pictures on Instagram that showed a bit ‘too much’ skin. In return, my pictures were taken down because they ‘violated Instagram’s rules’. It’s my body and I have the right to show as much or as little of it as I want.”

Merrylin's look: pout du jour

For an instant party mouth, dust some glitter over your favourite lipstick. To get the look, opt for a semi-matte formula (it’ll hold the specks better, and not smear). Dip a brush in loose glitter, and dust it on top. You can either go for glitter in the same shade or opt for a contrasting hue to add drama.

Credits: Hair and Make-Up:  Gaurav Goshwami, Luminous Fairy Necklace, Swarovski; cat-eye sunglasses, Vogue Eyewear; sequinned shorts, Discount Universe

Kenny Awomi



“#FreeTheNipple is an amazing concept that allows women to feel liberated and positive about their body. Whenever I’ve tried to post pictures that show my nipples, they’ve been taken down or reported. Why aren’t the same guidelines followed when a man does it? Being a transgender woman, posting such content is even harder, because of the number of negative comments I receive. But I take pride in being part of such a strong movement.”

Kenny's look: colour play

If you’re feeling extra festive, mix a bold hue with a subtle one to let your eyes really stand out. Glitter shadow in silver or rose gold looks great swept across the lids, with stronger hues like aqua, khaki or even oxblood on the lower lash lines. Apply a couple of  coats of mascara to define the eyes, and 
you’re done.

Credits: Hair and Make-Up:  Meera Sakhrani, Jacket, Rajesh Pratap Singh; Windbreaker Trousers, Dhruv Kapoor

Rodali Dutta



“I appreciate the fact that a naked woman can be seen as more than just a sexual object. But, at the same time, I feel that a lot of people on social media have defeated the movement’s purpose. I think we’ve all seen enough of pretty, skinny girls with their clothes off. For me, #FreeTheNipple isn’t about posting a selfie with my t*ts in it; it’s about the freedom to wear a T-shirt without having to wear a bra underneath, or an artist drawing a naked body without worrying about censoring it, or a magazine shooting an artful nude spread without having rules against it. It’s about looking at a woman the way we look at a man, as a human being.”

Rodali's look: Subtle Shine

For a look that’s not in-your-face, yet edgy, apply glitter in the inner corners of the eyes, and off-set it with super-black, voluminous lashes. Add a hint of glitter to the cheeks for a fun and youthful effect—perfect for a big night.

Credits: Hair and Make-Up:  Meera Sakhrani, Feathery cape with chain detail, Falguni Shane Peacock; studded shorts, Rose Room Couture