11 Struggles of Having an Aquarian Best Friend

'I really want to save the world, but first let's make art.'

  1. ​Aquarians are the original hipsters, really. So, your bestie probably wants to do everything differently, from the way she wears her hair to the way she throws her 21st birthday bash, keeping you on your toes. Always!
  2. She's also always on the top of her game when it comes to current trends. Just when you tell her you've got your head around contouring, she says. "Babe! What are you talking about? Everybody is strobing!"
  3. She swears by the world is my runway philosophy, even if she's heading to the gym. Pull out your Nike joggers and she'll probably say, "Baby, where's your Wang?"
  4. Chances are she's either chosen a creative career for herself and is blessed with a Karl-Lagarfeld like vision. A typical conversation about her creative process: "Nobody gets me!"
  5. She's also very popular with the boys. Or well, popular in general. It's almost impossible to plan a day in with your bff with all the party invites coming in.
  6. Her fun, flirty side ensures her love life tends to be on fire most of the time. So, when she's narrating the details to you, she probably won't miss out on any information. Hello, TMI!
  7. Her zero B.S. policy ensures she actually says it like it is. "This dress is doing nothing for you!"
  8. Like any hippy in hiding, she's always trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This realisation often occurs to her only after she's devoured a plateful of fries. When you're ready order round #2, she look at you and say, "I think we should order zucchini this time."
  9. And when things get hard, which they often do, she'll ask you drop everything and head with her to the hills.
  10. So, she probably hates routine the way most people hate the stray raisin in their cookies. You: G'morning! She: Gaaaaah! Why must I have to go to work at 9, when I can be creative anytime?
  11. That means she's probably never on time, and when she says two minutes, she definitely means 40! But, her lease for life, and ability to make just about everything beautiful, ensure she's one of the best things in your life!