Your Scorpio Horoscope for the Year 2020

Our in-house astrologer tells you what's in store for your sign✨ and everything that is going to happen to you in the year 2020. 

Love & Relationship

You will experience love and compatibility till the 14th of the month, due to aspects of Venus. There will be both romance as well as passion in your marital life. Your significant other will take the lead in nurturing your relationship.  But be prepared for unexpected events! Harmonious circumstances will generate beautiful vibes in the field of love. Simultaneously, sweet exchanges and warm communications are on the cards. Those of you who are single, will get their share of opportunities to form romantic bonds. But beware of some of the situations that can become frustrating. Show patience where needed, as It will pay well if you understand the circumstances and plan accordingly.


Career & Finance

The positioning of planets is ushering you to collaborate with others and make necessary compromises in achieving your objectives.  Mars is influencing you to become aggressive, so watch out and refrain from getting into a conflict with someone unnecessarily. You may face problems with your juniors and seniors at the workplace. Your experience and hard work will pay off, resulting in an inflow of money. But practice a little patience. Negotiations at work would be necessary.


Health & Fitness

Health prospects may not be very good this month, and may become worse post 20th. Avoid excessive work and conflicts with others. A little mental disturbance can result in bad health, so try to reduce your tension by relaxing and meditating frequently. Working on yourself in order to become a better person is the need of the hour. You can very well prove the proverb- ‘Health is wealth’.