16 Struggles of Being a New Girl in Delhi

Remember the time you hit the mall in your joggers? That.

  1. Dressing weather-inappropriate. Always. If you haven't grown up in the North, you obviously never check the weather report before stepping out. In other words, you're probably freezing your butt off in that cotton dress because it was sunny in the morning and nobody told you the temperature was going to drop!
  2. Being absolutely awestruck by the monuments. I mean, they're just sitting there nonchalantly in the middle of the road as you're driving by. You probably whipped out your phone too, to, you know, Instagram it for the benefit of your non-Delhi peeps!
  3. Being seriously underdressed for most things. Remember that time you hit the mall in your joggers? That.
  4. Most people assume you're too hippie for your own good. Did you not get the memo that says 'smart casuals'?
  5. RSVPing to plans half way across the city. No matter how good your sense of direction is the vastness of Delhi is bound to befuddle you in the beginning. Chances are, you too have said yes to drinks at say Warehouse in CP, while hanging at your colleague's pad in GK on a Saturday, only to realise you will reach the next day.
  6. Making plans to hang at HKV and discovering it's supposedly not cool anymore.
  7. Actually getting hit on at bars. And fumbling when that cutie asks for your number because you assume this stuff doesn't happen off screen.
  8. Forgetting to book your ride back home. "Will somebody tell me why there are no cabs on the street?"
  9. Having that cutie offer to drop you back. "What? Chivalry? Is that even allowed?"
  10. Being invited to fancy farmhouse parties with actual swimming pools and wondering what Delhi peeps do with all that space (and money).
  11. Feeling the social pressure of attending at least half a dozen card parties on Diwali.
  12. Being fed rolls and kebabs, pre or post drinks, while your soul was basically screaming, 'burger! Can I please have a burger, please?'
  13. Having your friends and acquaintances take you to whatever their version of the best chaat place in Delhi is, only to realise they all taste exactly the same.
  14. Feeling that tiny rush of excitement every time to pass H&M or Sephora. Oh, and having your girlfriends back home send you a list of things they want from each of the stores.
  15. Pairing your new pair of runners with everything only to realise Pammi aunty down the road has been doing it since 1999.
  16. Having people automatically assume you hate the city and everything about it when in fact you can't think of a place you love more!