Celebrity Interior Designer Shares 5 Ways to Re-Purpose Furniture

Give your room a makeover using things you already have!

Are you bored in the house or in the house bored? Well, you may want to swap your boredom for creative expression by re-purposing furniture you already own. 

Not only does re-purposing make for a fun DIY experiment, but it also is a sustainable approach towards giving your home a makeover by using things your already own. "When it comes to DIY projects, only your imagination is the limit. One of my favourites is to paint a chalkboard in kitchens or kids’ rooms. This is a fun alternative to sticking magnets on the refrigerator and gives you more scope for creativity. If you like collecting wine bottles, you can use them as flower vases and so much more," says celebrity interior designer Anuradha Aggarwal, founder of Olives Cre.

wine vase

She adds that repurposing furniture is always better than throwing old stuff away. So, here are a few things she suggests you can do with your old furniture:

Wooden table

"If you have an old, worn-out wooden retro table, you can take the top off, and place a smoothened, varnished log slice over it. It’ll add a natural touch to your space." 

diy table

Upcycled nightstand

"You can also cut an old table in half, paint it new and place it next to your bed against the wall, and use it as a nightstand."

half table night stand

Bring out the paints

"There are very few things paint can’t fix. Take an old piece of furniture, paint it new using the reverse stencil method and you’ll have an extraordinary decoration piece." 

paint furniture diy

Crate art

"You can get old poultry crates at a flea market and repurpose them as offbeat coffee tables just by painting over them."

crate coffee table

Very varnish

"An old discarded, denuded wooden door is something you can get at throwaway prices, but if you paint it right and varnish it, it can become an excellent tabletop."

door table