10 Immunity Boosting Fruits to Include in Your Diet

From watermelons to pomegranates and more, find out how your favourite fruits help in improving your immune system. 

Looking to boost your immunity naturally? Well, fresh, seasonal fruits are a great way to keep those seasonal sore throats and coughs at bay. Nutritionist and wellness coach, Avni Kaul shares her pick of fruits to stock up on:

Oranges: They pack an abundance of vitamin C nutrients that one should be taking in throughout the year, not just when one has a cold. This nutrient looks to boost the number of white blood cells and keep the immunity system going. They are available during winters.

Papaya: They are known to boost immunity but they also have anti-inflammatory effects on your body due to the enzyme named Papain. Mostly Papaya is available throughout the year.

Grapes: They are tangy besides rich in vitamin C; they act as a whole refresher for your body. Grapes are a winter fruit.

Mango: Mango is a good source of vitamin A, which reduces chances of damage to the cells and provides a boost to counter off the anti-bodies. It’s an excellent summer fruit.

Apples: Apples have pectin which is very effective when your body is trying to get rid of toxins, heavy metals and cholesterol. Again, they are largely available throughout the year but ideally in winters as they are in season.

Strawberry: They are not only tasty but rich in vitamin A and C. Those are critical to the immune system.

Watermelon: Extremely popular during summers, they help keep our bodies cool and also provide lots of nutrients that help the body fight the infections effectively.

Pomegranates: Considered a super fruit. They are good for your heart and overall body functioning. It reduces blood pressure. Besides acts as an energy booster.

Lemon: Lemons are an antioxidant-rich, immunity enhancing citrus fruit. They are an excellent source of Vitamin C, a vital antioxidant, and also have folate, calcium, potassium and fibre.

Litchi: Again full of vitamin C, it contains more than 100% of the daily needed ABA (ascorbic acid) in one serving. The vitamin C boosts the activity of WBC that defends our body against external matters.