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5 Ways to Look Taller in Your Pictures, According to a Photographer

From taking low-angled shots to posing with one leg stretched out, here are 5 photographer-approved ways to get that Insta-worthy click. 

'Vertically challenged', 'petite', 'shorty', or even 'arm-rest', aren't you done with the name-calling yet? We bet you are. 

While there's not much you can do to alter your genetics, the world of camera phones, angles, and smart photography is here to save the day! Yes, throwing on a pair of 6 inch stilettos is a no-brainer, but the last thing you need is a sprained ankle or a bruised heel, right? This is why picking up the right set of photography skills and ideal poses is the only way to emerge victorious in this tall vs. short and Insta-worthy vs. non-Insta-worthy battle. 

Expert photographers from WhatKnot Photography (@whatknotin) give you an insight into the tricks of the trade, to add height to your photos and likes to your picture.

1. Get That Low Angle

You must've heard of this one before, and it does work. Make sure that you try to take photos from a low shooting position, with an upward angle. As the camera is angled up, it elongates the body structure making one look taller. Apart from the oh-so-candid clicks, the pose-y ones definitely require some extra effort.


2. Stretch One Leg Out

When it comes to capturing portraits, this should be your go-to hack. Irrespective of whether you are standing or sitting, placing one leg slightly stretched out in front makes you look taller. Creating the illusion of slender legs and a taller appearance, it creates a dimension that tricks the eyes into thinking one is indeed tall. 


3. Take a Picture When in Motion

Prefer the candid shots rather than the pose-y ones? What better than capturing candids while walking! This is almost in line with the previous tip of placing one leg in front of the other. Walking helps get a natural stride in place, allowing the photographer to take taller pictures, minus the slouching or leaning far too forward. Taking long strides will help make your legs look leaner and longer, adding an extra dimension to the photo. 


4. Sit When in a Group 

How often do you find yourself to be the shortest in a group of people? To save yourself the so-called embarrassment, make sure everyone grabs a chair and take a picture while sitting instead. While you may still tend to look shorter, the stark height difference will be less obvious. Alternatively, you could have your taller friends occupy the front chairs, while sensibly placing yourself at the back, at a slight height. 


5. Maintain a Proper Posture

Picture, picture, picture, if you've been at it since morning, you'll eventually tire out. With fatigue kicking in, you'll begin to slouch and your body will loosen up, drooping downwards. If you want that 1 perfect shot amidst 100 not-so-perfect ones, stand straight with your chin facing slightly upwards and shoulders pushed back. Remember, posture is MOST important when it comes to appearing taller in photographs.