An Exhaustive List Of the 40 Internet Acronyms You Need to Know in 2020

Want to know the cool new way to say LOL? Head over to point number 27!

While your thumbs glide from key to key, it is #Key for you to stay updated on all the trendy lingo out there. Whether you spend your days glued to your email inbox or laze around scrolling through memes, our list of 40 acronyms will ensure you're staying in touch with every fresh and fire acronym that's being used online these days. So, the next time instead of visiting your go-to pal Google or pretending to know all that E-lingo, you'll actually know it all...and more!

1) IMMD : It Made My Day 

Got your favourite top on sale? Your crush saw your Insta story? This one is for those happy moments! 

" I found the cutest pair of shoes in my size, IMMD." 

2) SNH : Sarcasm Noted Here 

This acronym is generally used by the texter to show those slow sarcasm catchers that he is being...sarcastic! 

"Hey, the pizza is warm, did you heat it?" "No. I just touched it. SNH."

" "

3) AMA : Ask Me Anything

Often seen on the insta Stories to invite users to ask questions and get their doubts cleared. 

"I was spent 3 years researching the spiritual world. AMA." 

4) ICYMI : In Case You Missed It

If you're a fan of paragraphs and you're pals aren't readers, this one may come handy. 

"ICYMI, I told you on 27th March, 2016 that I am allergic to salmon and my cat's pet name is Miko." 

5) CBA : Can't Be Asked

Many use this one either when they are too feeling lazy or are just not bothered.

"I have been working since 7 am, I CBA to wash the dishes tonight!"

6) NNTR: No Need To Reply 

This one goes well with a long informative message or a salty text.

"You said we'd hang out today but you're playing FIFA with the boys? NNTR" or "...Kindly sign the circular by tomorrow. NNTR." 

" "

7) NOYB: None Of Your Business

In the mood to keep your matters private? Easy, just hit them up with *NOYB* 

"Please stop asking him about his breakup, it's really NOYB."

" "

8) OT: Off Topic

If you're a chatterbox and keep drifting from topic to topic, this one will help your friends keep up ( maybe ) 

" Have you heard of the new Mexican place in town?...but to go OT, do you remember that girl who hated avocados?" 

9) FYEO: For Your Eyes Only

If you ever send an ugly snap to your bestie, let her know before they go up on the 'Gram!

"Hi, I just sent you #nomakeup selfie and it's FYEO, please."

10) LYLT: Love You Long Time

If you're in the mood to show some love, this four-letter acronym can say alot!

"You're such a blessing, I LYLT!"

" "

11) HIFW: How I Feel When 

This one mainly tags along with our meme reactions...

"That's HIFW when he leaves me on read for the 10th time"

12) ADIH : Another Day In Hell

Burnt out? frustrated? or just sleepy? This one is for that mood.

"Hey, I'm at work...just an ADIH." 

13) FIMH: Forever In My Heart 

Here's how you can be cheesy and lowkey at the same time.

"I yet think of you everyday, you're FIMH." 

" "

14) GMTA: Great Minds Think Alike 

If you're trying to go slow with idioms, this one's got your back.

" ... same here! I love pineapple on pizza. Well, GMTA."

" "

15) ELI5: Explain Like I'm 5 ( years old) 

At times we all go '???' at something very basic. To do away with that, this text wroks wonders!

" I am sorry, I'm just not able to focus today. Please ELI5." 

16) IANAD: I Am Not A Doctor 

It's almost like a disclaimer if you're about to share some medical advice.

" IANAD but wouldn't more sleep increase your metabolism?" 

17) YSK: You Should Know

An easy way to throw in some context.

"I went swimming today and YSK, I have aquaphobia." 

18) EOS: End Of Story

If you're ever trying to cut a long story short or want to want to put a full stop to the drama, this one comes in handy.

"We're not going to talk about that party ever again, EOS." 

" "

19) PAW: Parents Are Watching 

Trying to keep your shenanigans on the down-low? Parents will never guess this one!

"Hey, don't text me right now, my PAW."  

" "

20) RBTL: Read Between The Lines 

To know all those embedded meanings, you got to know this one.

" RBTL mate, I think she's totally into you."

21) STBY: Sucks To Be You

If you're ever feeling sorry for someone but are also a salty know the acronym to use.

"Hey, I heard you failed the test again, STBY."

22) LMA: Leave Me Alone 

A straightforward way to ask for some 'me-time.'

"I am tired of working all day, can you just LMA now."

" "

23) DAE: Does Anyone Else

This one's generally a prefix for question, where the texter wants to ensure they are not alone in whatever they are experiencing.

"DAE listen to soothing music, in order to sleep well?  

24) QFT: Quoted For Truth

It's here to help you slide the facts in.

"QFT, you were drunk out of your mind."

" "

25) NGL: Not Going To Lie

Basically, another way of promising you're being honest...

"NGL, he's not my type but if he called me, I would answer."

26) TIME: Tears In My Eyes

Help your emotional self out and cut it short. 

"I read the poem you posted for your grandfather and there were TIME."

" "

27) CSL:  Can't Stop Laughing 

Welcome the newest version of LOL/LMAO and ROTFL...CSL. 

"Are all your jokes imprompt? Because I CSL."

" "

28) SOML: Story Of My Life

Generally used over text to compare one's situation to another person's.

"You got a migraine after speaking to him? Well, that's the SOML."

29) AYDY: Are You Done Yet?

Drop this in when someone is either boring you with their chatter or when they are spreading false news.

"She just kept lying to my face and then I finally asked her, "AYDY?" 

30) KIS: Keep It Simple

The name suggests it's purpose...

"I love understanding the complicated intricacies of human psychology but at times it's better to KIS."

31) EZPZ - Easy Peasy

This one's fun to say as well! 

"They all said Calculus would be tough but I found it EZPZ."

" "

32) EDD - Estimated Delivery Date

If you're an avid online shopper, this one would be no stranger to you

"The EDD said 27th March but my order was dispatched on the 3rd of April."

" "

33) HANL - Have A Nice Life

Done and dusted with someone? Send this one through to be the saltiest version of yourself 

"Ah! Never talk to me again, HANL."

" "

34) IBK: Idiot Behind Keyword

This what you call someone who acts silly over the internet.

"Instead of behaving like an IBK, I think you should just talk it out face to face."

35) MIRL: Meet In Real Life

If you've made a pen pal or an online buddy, you might want to hit them up with this.

"You're such an interesting person to chat with, I hope we could MIRL someday."

36) O&O: Over And Out

A clear-cut conversation ender and #throwback to those walkie-talkie days

"Hey, I'm not in the mood to come to the party tonight, O&O."

" "

37) J4F: Just For Fun

It is what it's just for the banter.

"She gets angry when I tease them together but she should know it's J4F."

38) JWU: Just Woke Up

If you just rolled out of bed and aren't in the mood to explain anything, this one's got your back!

" I didn't mean to miss the trek but I JWU."

" "

39) JBY: Just Be Yourself 

Planning on giving your loved ones a pep talk? This acronym is a quick motivator.

"In a world where everyone is emuling each other, it's important for you to JBY."

40) J2LUK: Just To Let You Know

Here's an old school way of saying 'FYI.'

"J2LYK we're done with this list of acronyms."