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Move Over Banana Bread! Try These 3 Easy and Delicious Banana Desserts

Give the humble banana a gourmet upgrade with these chef-approved recipes 

Ever since the lockdown happened, banana bread went viral. Everyone you know has tried baking this more than in the lockdown. Celebrities and friends and family alike have inundated our social media feeds with rectangle-shaped, unassuming banana bread. The reason why banana bread became a quarantine hero and the answer to stress baking, according to several food experts, is it’s low-risk and high reward dish. Simply put the chances to go wrong with a banana bread is quite low. Add to that a humble ingredient like the banana. The fruit is ubiquitous and is mostly available everywhere, anytime. 

However, if you are left with bananas at home and don’t want to bake yet another banana bread, here are three chef-approved recipes to make delicious desserts out of them. Read on and thank us later.

Banana and Toffee Toast

banana dessert


2 slices of white bread 

1 Cup thick fresh cream

35 ml Coconut oil

1 Egg

A Dollop of unsalted butter

1 Banana

1 tsp Brown Sugar

2 tbsp whipped Cream: 2 tbs


Slice the white bread. Add the beaten egg to half of the thick fresh cream and whisk to combine.

Dip each slice of bread into the mixture and shallow fry in coconut oil over medium heat to achieve golden brown colour and crispy texture.

In a non-stick pan over a medium heat, combine the dark brown sugar, unsalted butter and stir it well so that the sugar dissolves with the butter. Add the rest of the fresh cream and stir again. Reduce it to half.

Preheat the oven. Peel and cut the banana in slices and arrange on a baking tray and spread some brown sugar on the slices and roast them to get a nice caramelized flavour and firm texture.

On crispy bread, spread a generous amount of caramel sauce and top it further with caramelized bananas.

You can further add a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top with some fresh pomegranate.

Recipe by Chef Arvind Kumar Bharti, Unplugged Courtyard, Corporate Chef,  Eastman Colour Restaurants Pvt Ltd. 

Banana and Coconut Tea Cake

banana cake


2 Nos Over-ripe banana

5g Cinnamon powder

40g Castor sugar

40g Butter

2 Nos Eggs

3g Vanilla essence

65g Flour

3g Baking powder

A pinch of salt

30g desiccated coconut


1 Nos banana

5g Desiccated coconut


Mash the bananas, add cinnamon powder and set aside.

Using a mixer, cream the butter and sugar till its fluffy. Then add the mashed bananas.

Gradually add the eggs till combined. Add vanilla essence.

Add the dry ingredients – flour, baking powder and salt.

Slice a banana in half, length-wise.

Place one half of the banana at the bottom of a greased mould and pour the batter over it.

Place the other half of the banana at the top of the batter and garnish with the reserve desiccated coconut.

Bake at 170 degrees for 20 minutes.

Use a toothpick to check if it’s fully baked. 

Recipe by Chef Pragati Mitta, L’opera

Baileys Banana Trifles



300g whipped cream

7 tbsp Baileys

6 chocolate brownies (about 250g), broken up, or use crumbled chocolate biscuits or loaf cake

3 bananas , sliced

500g plain vanilla custard

6 tbsp ready-made toffee sauce

25g chocolate, grated


Mix the cream with 1 tbsp Baileys, and set aside. 

Divide the brownie pieces between 6 glasses, then drizzle each with 1 tbsp Baileys. 

Top with the sliced bananas, custard and Baileys cream, dividing equally, then drizzle with toffee sauce 

Finish with grated chocolate. Can be made a few hours ahead.

Recipe by Mohammad Anas Qureshi, Brand Chef, Molecule