8 Ways to Practice Self Love

Author Sanil Sachar tells you how to be your own best friend 

Amidst the rat race and the consequent busy life that we lead, it’s easy to please everyone but ourselves.  There’s the job to keep, a family to look after, bills to pay, work-life balance to maintain, we often forget to be kind to ourselves. However, the good news is we can do a simple things to stay sane, feel more confident and good about yourselves. Sanil Sachar, author of the book And…Perhaps Love, tells you how to be your own best friend, listen up!

Self-love is not a privilege, it’s a necessity

"In busy times, and rapid lives, we end up believing self-love is a luxury, and should take place infrequently. Remove the guilt when it comes to self-love," says Sanil.

Start your day for you

How many of you wake up and reach for your phone? Most of us. "The moment we start our day with a phone, we begin by absorbing information before being able to check-in on ourselves. Start the morning by recapping your sleep, your night before, anything that helps you take control of the morning. I end up making my bed, as a way of taking control when I wake up. It’s a way of overcoming my day," says Sanil.

Data analysis is the secret

"Keep a journal to highlight your day. If you keep at it, you’ll get two outcomes - on days you’re feeling low, go back to the journal and pick up what makes you feel right, and secondly, with time, you have yourself a biography, to help feel good," adds Sanil.

Priortise your body and mind

This is the correct order to define how we need to engage in self-love. "Whether you like it or not, exercising is the method to release excessive energy, and acts as a confirmation that we have the ability to push ourselves, better, each day," he says. Take out however much time you can in the day, to workout. 

Monitor your breathing

It’s all about monitoring your engine. "Repeat the above at the start and end of the day, and you’ll be cruising through your days," suggests Sanil. 

Be kind to yourself 

Do not be harsh on yourself, when things go wrong. You learn from each mistake. "Learn to forgive yourself by acknowledging you overcame a past mistakes to reach where you are today," says Sanil. 

You come first

This is key. If you can’t feel secure about yourself, it’s hard to make others feel secure and calm. "Make yourself your priority, and then choose who else fits in your space," concludes Sanil.