10 Apps for Women to Make Their Lives Easier

Popular bloggers reveal the apps that make them more organised and productive

A digital detox in today’s day and age may seem difficult. More so, when most of us are literally dependent on our phones for everything. So, what if you used your phone to organise your life and increase your productivity? Sounds like the best plan, right! To help you make your lives simpler, we asked popular bloggers to share with us the apps that help them manage their lives effectively. Here’s what they had to say:

Malini Agarwal, founder MissMalini and Creative Director Malini's Girl Tribe

miss malini

"I genuinely live online, my work more than requires it, and honestly I prefer to clear my email and Whatsapp messages while they are still manageable rather than switch off for a week and come back to an avalanche of notifications. But I have found a rather unorthodox way of finding my detox online. Here are a few of my favourite Apps to help you live better.

Fabulous: A super easy and fun approach to self-improvement. It actually offers you heaps of validation and encouragement simply for adopting little good habits! You pick a “journey” and inculcate habits as simple as drinking enough water every day, concentrating harder or even improving your diet. It literally is a “choose your healthy and happy adventure.”

Calm: Calm is a simple, cool and relaxing App to help you meditate and sleep better. It definitely does wonders in lowering stress, anxiety and helping you connect with your higher self.

Zen Koi/Starlight: Relaxing games where you grow your own Koi fish pond while nurturing a calming environment to enjoy with soothing music when you want to Zen out. Or build a butterfly garden set to soft soothing music.

Longwalks: An App to get to know your friends and family better. 

Diipa Buller Khosla, global influencer


"Insight timer: I turn to it when I need some quick guided meditations or to just relax at the end of a chaotic day. 

Notes: This app is very handy and helps me make notes of ideas, things to do, etc on the go. It really helps me stay organised"

Masoom Minawala, influencer


"Clubhouse: I have been using Clubhouse for the past few weeks and I love it! The conversations ignite ideas, innovations and urge you to think beyond the ordinary.

Tick Tick: I cant imagine a day without my organizational wizard--Tick Tick. my entire team is synced into the app and we all have shared checklists, goals and synced calendars.”

Maia Sethna, influencer


"Evernote: This app is something I rely on to draft my content and notes. It is such a lifesaver! From ideas, texts, quotes, keywords, audios to attachments, anything that’s on your mind can be saved here.

Google Calendar and Sheets: And as predictable it may sound, the Google calendar and sheets are the most helpful tools to sort my schedule, monthly revenue and other data."