5 Zodiac Signs That Are the Most Emotional

Find out which zodiac sign gets easily hurt or is the most vulnerable when it comes to emotions 

Every zodiac sign possesses a different set of traits. These traits define who we are and most importantly how we feel. A lot of elements come together to form a zodiac sign. We all have a unique way to feel and express our emotions, while some might cry, others might throw a fit. Here’s our list of five zodiac signs that are most emotional and sensitive.


Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Cancers are often regarded as being the most sensitive of the zodiac signs. They not only take everything personally, they also often disregard logic and fall prey to overthinking. Unlike the earth signs, Cancers take most of their decisions based on their feelings, which more often than not later backfires. Being highly sensitive, cancers are quick to notice if someone close to them is having a hard time. Cancers can cry on almost anything! Cancers are also extremely giving and supporting of people around them. They also are honest and open about their feelings. They are just the friend to go to when you need an honest opinion!


Just like its water sign counterpart Cancer, Pisces are highly sensitive. Being the last on the zodiac chart, Pisces are wise old souls and possess the capability to sense how others may feel. . A Pisces friend would sense immediately what you’re going through and offer necessary support and advice. Pisces are often known as the humanitarians of the zodiac signs. However, Pisces can sometimes also be afloat and emotionally unavailable because of getting overwhelmed from time to time.

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Leos are notoriously known for being dramatic. However, Leos are emotionally sensitive people and often take things personally. Like other fire signs, Leos have a tendency to mask their feelings and have trouble being vulnerable. This uneasiness towards opening up can often end up making a Leo feel alone and misunderstood. Leo being energetic and bright in nature often attract people. This quality makes them easy to talk to.

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It is no surprise that all three water signs made it to the list. Water signs are considered to be intuitive and emotionally driven. Scorpios like Pisces and Cancers have the emotional understanding that runs way deeper than the other signs. However, unlike Pisces and Cancers, Scorpios are often less expressive of their own feelings. They take a lot of time before they trust someone with their feelings. Hence, this quality not only makes them emotionally smart but also makes them extremely trustworthy. You can share almost anything with a Scorpio friend and have them guard your feelings like their own. Though they might have a strong shell, Scorpios are often very sensitive and feel very strongly for those who matter to them

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Geminis are known as being extremely fun and interactive. Just like Leos, Gemini often hide how they truly feel and express it through humour. Their happy-go-lucky aura should not be mistaken as being care-free. Geminis can be overly emotional. They over-analyse and over-exaggerate situations in their mind making it harder for them to deal with it. However, Geminis do understand the emotions of their close ones and don’t shy away from helping them out. Geminis often need emotional support and guidance