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8 Signs That It’s Time to End Your Relationship

The tell-tale signs make it easier to take the tough decision

In the age of Tinder and Bumble, it’s easy to rush into a relationship. In the initial few days when everything is hunky dory it seems like you have found your match. But few days or months down the line, staying in touch or doing regular things together feels like a chore. You realise not only do you communicate less but the thought of meeting doesn’t excite you anymore. And there maybe patterns in his behaviour that has led to the plummeting emotions or feelings. We caught up with Bhavna Barmi, Delhi-based clinical psychologist and relationship therapist to tell us how to spot the signs and move on before the relationship causes us more heartburn. Here are the signs she lists that you need to watch out for

Dwindling communication  

Communication is the key in a relationship, if there are signs that the guy is cutting you off or not keeping you in the loop of his life, this can be a sign that he is losing interest in you.

His actions speak louder than words

Watching what they DO instead of what they SAY can give a clear indication of their intentions, because more often than not we tend to focus on their image that we’ve created in our minds rather than actually seeing the reality. Observe how they behave around you.


Take cues from his body language 

Body language is an important indicator because sometimes nonverbal communication says a lot more than what words portray.
If he is reluctant to make eye contact while talking to you or avoids intimacy or becomes uncomfortable when around you, then it’s cause for concern.

Making excuses to not meet

Postponing plans or meeting only at his convenience and not respecting your schedule can be seen as a sign too.


He is not curious about you

When someone is interested, they ask questions about you and listen attentively. But when conversations with him are turn into monologues, you know the initial spark is gone.

He goes incommunicado for long stretches

Long stretches without any contact or a substantial cut in the “together time” spells trouble. He might be contemplating ending the relationship.


When you are the only one making efforts 

When you feel that only you’re the only one who is making efforts, compromises and initiating things to keep the relationship alive and there’s anlack of balance.

Not getting his full attention when you meet

For instance, if he is constantly checking his phone when with you or if he avoids talking much, take it as an obvious sign.