The Best Career Choice For You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Are you the leadership-oriented Aries or the skilled Gemini orator? Your ideal career path is written in the stars!

Just like any other aspect of your life, your zodiac sign greatly influences the choices that you make—yes, with respect to your career as well. Since your astrological sign defines the underlying characteristics of your personality, one can inspect planetary influences to figure out the ideal career path for you, and exactly how your traits are fit for the job. 

Scroll down to know the *best* career you should choose, according to the universe. 


You were born a leader, hence, you'd make for the perfect boss. However, on the other hand, you dislike being bossed around by others—you despise micromanagement and restrictions! So while it may take a while to make it to the'll eventually get there. You'd thrive in a competitive and challenging environment, since you like to be in control. Think on the lines of director of a company, entrepreneur or leader of an organisation.


Practical and trustworthy, you make for the ideal employee in any organisation. Your mentor and colleagues can fall back on you for support and your hard work and determination make you a great team player. Your intellect and realistic approach can make you the perfect fit for a finance-related job. Besides, your loyal and dependable nature will allow you to garner success wherever you work. 


Your creativity and passion—coupled with your need to be in a fast-paced environment—suggests that your career mustn't be monotonous or stagnant. Your tendency to get bored quickly and move on serves to be problematic in such a case. Any job that doesn't demand the same kind of work every day—an artist, a photographer, a writer, a public speaker—and titillates your senses, is ideal for you. 


The most nurturing sign of the zodiac, your ability to care for and comfort others is impeccable. Thereby, 'giving' careers including those in the healthcare and wellness domain, social workers, teachers, NGO volunteers etc—that allow you the opportunity to make others happy—works best for you. 


You love attention and being the life of the party—hence, you'd embrace your best self in politics or as a famous personality. Teaching is also right up your alley! Any other field of work that puts you in the spotlight and allows you showcase your talents is perfect for you. 


You're compassionate and extend a helping hand whenever required, making you the ideal employee. However, your tendency to be hard on yourself and look into the minutest of details, often creates an issue for you. Your perfectionism and empathic nature would make you a great therapist, besides, it would also allow you to excel in the field of hospitality. 


You're a social butterfly and desire harmony and balance in life. You are also able to gauge people and their intentions, thus making you the perfect fit for career fields such as an assistant, sales person or a diplomat. 


A friend can surely trust you to keep a secret. Besides, you're tuned to others and express empathy and concern for those in need. Thereby, the job of a therapist or a secret agent would be ideal for you. You're also great with resource management and logistics, making for a great chief financial officer.


Optimistic and full of life, you take this approach with you to work. You aren't just full of enthusiasm and excitement, but also manage to boost the morale of others! Besides, your love for travel and adventure would make you the perfect tour guide, pilot or any other job in the field of tourism. 


You're pragmatic, sensible and organised. While you possess leadership qualities in abundance, you do not resent authoritative figures. Moreover, your ambitious and hardworking nature pushes you to meet your career goals—a tad bit of a workaholic, maybe? You'd make a great manager or an administrator, as well as a designer, architect or any other career path that pays attention to detail. 


You're social, but at the same time, you appreciate your time alone. Therefore, you're able to effectively work with a team as well as work alone. You'd make for a great entrepreneur, photographer or employee in project management. 


Pisces aren't bothered with impressing others, instead, they focus their efforts on doing the best that they can. Your intuitive and compassionate self makes you ideal for jobs that cater to others, as well as those that put your abilities to work. From healthcare to therapy and any other domain in the field of medicine, you'd be the perfect fit.