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Can Women Take the COVID-19 Vaccine During Menstruation?

A gynecologist debunks myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine and female reproductive health. 

With the COVID-19 vaccination drive all set to commence for women between the age groups of 18-45 in the country—as part of the third phase of the vaccination roll-out—social media has raised concerns regarding the impact of the vaccine on a women's menstrual cycle. 

In an attempt to debunk myths surrounding the vaccine and female reproductive health, Senior Obstetrician & Gynecologist at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Dr Vaishali Joshi tackles some important concerns.


Cosmo: Does COVID-19 have any impact on a woman's menstrual cycle?


Dr Vaishali Joshi: The SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t affect or hinder a woman's period or menstrual flow in any which way. Any viral infection—unless it is severe or critical—usually doesn’t affect one's hormones.


Cosmo: Can the COVID-19 vaccination impact menstruation?


Dr Vaishali Joshi: No, the vaccination doesn't interfere or have any impact on menstruation. There's no conclusive data or evidence to validate the claim that the vaccine can affect a woman's period cycle or flow. These rumours and false claims have originated through social media and have no scientific basis or explanation. Besides, all international advisory bodies and organisations have stated that the vaccine is safe for all and doesn't impact women's reproductive health. It's also important to note that one needn't reschedule their vaccination date depending on the occurrence of their period.


Cosmo: Does the COVID-19 vaccine affect menopausal women?


Dr Vaishali Joshi: Most women who have hit menopause are above the age of 50, and are considered to be at a higher risk for COVID-19 infection. This vulnerability can be attributed to age-related comorbidities including diabetes, blood pressure etc. Hence, menopause is not an independent risk factor as long as the woman is healthy and fit. 
Therefore, I recommend that all women—18 and above—must get vaccinated irrespective of their period or hormonal status. However, women who are pregnant mustn't take the shot, as it isn't currently recommended in India. 


Cosmo: How can women maintain their reproductive health?


Dr Vaishali Joshi: Women can maintain good reproductive health by adopting healthy lifestyle practices such as regular exercise and a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Weight bearing exercises don't solely make your bones strong, but also keep your weight in check, preventing potential hormonal imbalances.