9 Clever Tricks to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

These expert ideas will help you maximise your space without spending a bomb

Have you been seeing your tiny bedroom forever now and you feel tired of it now? We feel you. While expanding the space wouldn’t be possible you can still do a few clever things to make your small bedroom look bigger and brighter.  Devika Khosla, creative director, The Works Interiors, an interior design studio, lists 9 ways in which you can use mirrors, paints, rugs and strategic positioning of furniture to make a small room look spacious, cosier and nicer. 

1.Opt for light, neutral shades

how to make a small bedroom look bigger

We are often under the impression that white is the go-to colour to make rooms appear expansive. Nevertheless, daubing all walls in white gives the room a boring, dull, and boxy look. Instead, opting for light, neutral shades in correct undertones helps brighten the room and infuses life into it. Highlighting the longer wall in the room as an accent wall emphasises the length and creates the illusion of space.

2.Select the right furniture.

how to make a small bedroom look bigger

Selecting the right furniture pieces is vital. Refrain from bulky beds that go down to the floor like hefty blocks. Choose a bed with legs that allow the floor to peep out from underneath and make the room appear spacious. For small bedrooms, the headboard is an important design element. A wall-mounted headboard can be used as panelling, and if designed to be longer than the width of the bed, it instantly creates the feel of a larger space.

3.Utilise your furniture to its maximum.

Furniture that can be put to use for multiple purposes is ideal. For instance, a Chester can double up as a TV stand. An extended nightstand can also function as a dresser. Cutting down on the number of furniture pieces automatically frees up space and makes it clutter-free.

4.Don’t block those windows!

how to make a small bedroom look bigger

Windows enable natural light and breeze to penetrate within the rooms, opening them up to their surroundings. Avoid placing furniture in front of the windows to prevent blocking off the light that filters in. Light drapery for curtains is ideal for a small room unless one is particular about light interfering with sleep. In this case, monochromatic colours or delicate pastels with textured fabric can be used to make up for the lack of patterns.

5. Be wise with the lighting fixtures

how to make a small bedroom look bigger

Free the nightstands of lamps, and go for scones or long pendant lights from the ceiling. In case you are desirous of a night lamp, opt for spindly lamps with slim shades. Using layered lighting endows depth into the room, thereby making it appear larger. 

6.Get free of clutter! 

how to make a small bedroom look bigger

Clearing clutter by discarding unnecessary items is one of the most crucial steps. Organising your things, keeping them neat and tidy, and assigning a place for everything creates a Zen style that helps in lifting the mood. Remember that your space should make you feel calm, cosy and comfortable.

7.‘The Cantaloupe Rule’

Follow the ‘Cantaloupe Rule’ while decorating your room with curios and memorabilia. The objects you choose shouldn’t be smaller than a cantaloupe, or else they add to the clutter.


8. Mirror mirror on the wall!

Mirrors in vivid shapes used as artwork also add to the illusion of space. Nonetheless, it is crucial to keep aesthetics and placement in mind before hanging the mirror, considering the reflection.

9.Throw in some layers!

Layering is an essential element of design- adding in a rug, throw, or a few cushions can transform the look of the space! These accessories can be textured or finished in monochromatic hues to add depth. When using bold colours is restricted, you can play with proportions and size to add a fun element.

how to make a small bedroom look bigger