5 Ways to Turn a Boring Corner into a Cosy Work-From-Home Space

Creative ways to make the most of small corners by rearranging, reusing and repurposing things at home

It’s been a long while since we have been working from the confines of our homes. We have done it all—turned bedrooms into zoom meeting venues, used living rooms as gyms and kitchens have doubled up as areas for coffee breaks. With WFH being a reality in our lives we have made the best utilisation of the available space at home. But most common problem is the blurring of boundaries. You can’t keep the space exclusively to yourself or let your partner or roomie take calls and conduct video meetings in the same space. To resolve this you can look at dead corners at home that lie ignored and unused. Pankhuri Goel, Principal, Studio Lotus, a Delhi-based architectural company, shares tips and tricks to help you create a cosy work from home space.

Less is More

The first thing to do is to declutter the space. Minimal decor and furniture in the workspace make room for focusing on the task at hand. A neat, uncluttered workspace with an ergonomic chair and a sleek desk with a study lamp can allow one to stay engaged and productive throughout the day. 

work from home

Light and Sound

A work-from-home space should have access to fresh air and adequate natural light. Warm colours and soft acoustics also help you concentrate. Also as video calls offer a peek into each other’s lives, not only does having a designated workspace become more critical, but it also instils self-discipline. Moreover, it helps maintain a healthy work-life balance by allowing a set distinction between work and play. 


Sprucing up with Greens

Human beings have an innate connection with nature — and houseplants while enlivening spaces aid in air purification. Placing a succulent in the corner of the desk can make the place look beautiful and create a soothing ambience. Tending to plants can be a therapeutic exercise that contributes towards a positive way of living and promotes wellbeing.

Add Natural and Earthy Materials

Get furniture and decor pieces in natural materials such as timber, jute, and cane, as they age gracefully and add a warm tonality, giving the space a facelift. Natural materials also have a relatively lower environmental footprint, making for a viable option for eco-conscious homeowners.

Indulge in colour play

A palette of warm neutrals juxtaposed with darker hues in furniture and upholstery add a welcome contrast to a space. Soft furnishings such as curtains in light and bright colours bring in a sense of newness and vitality to the space.