Gemstone Healing 101: How to Pick the Luckiest Gemstone For Yourself

Sparkling red ruby for a successful career or brilliant rose quartz to spice up your love life and more, check out how can you pick the perfect gemstone to wear.   

Have you ever felt like things aren’t going your way or an opportunity slips out of your hands after coming so close? These are times when individuals end up blaming their luck for the unfortunate events happening around them. This is where gemstones, little bundles of happiness made of rare, exquisite, and durable minerals, come into the picture. Since ancient times gemstones are used to clear any type of negative energy as it surrounds the wearer with positivity and healing energies.

Nitin Yadav, founder and CEO at GemPundit and certified gemologist says that the belief in gemstones is not mythical, but very real. From actors to politicians and even British royalty, these exotic stones are the common factors between various successful personalities. But, can gemstones really heal, relax the mind or change your fortunes? 

Nitin says, "Gemstones can really help with the healing process because they hold power to fill the wearer with positive vibes while removing the negative energy. This automatically leads to a productive and invigorating lifestyle. Although the effects of gemstones are yet to be proven purely in a scientific manner, several studies and experts have claimed that there is the possibility that they have an indirect psychological benefit."

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Also since the gemstones are naturally extracted, they harness energy from powerful natural sources such as the sun, the moon, and the ocean to calm, relax and motivate the wearer.

Nitin also adds that some studies have shown that just the act of doing something to take control of your destiny, wearing a gemstone in this case, can often make you hopeful and improve the ability to cope with dire conditions. 

Real and fake gemstones

While gemstones are good for the wearer, there is a catch...only real gemstones work! 

The real gems are minerals, rocks or simply natural organic compounds. On the other hand, simulated gemstones (also known as stimulants) are what people usually consider fake stones. These pirated gemstones are made of a material that resembles the appearance of a natural gemstone but has different chemical and physical properties.

Most knock-off gemstones are cheap and usually made of glass or some type of plastic while real gemstones are comparatively more expensive because they are rare. 

"Do not buy some low-price stones expecting triumphant results. The success stories associated with gemstones are proof that real ones are worth the price. There are many online leading players in the market who provide authentic and reliable gemstones. One should always verify the Gem Laboratory certificates along with other benefits like transparent pricing, pooja energization, worldwide shipping along with a huge variety of gemstones before buying any gemstone," says Nitin.

Consumers need to understand that since these gemstones harness their power from natural powerhouses such as the sun or moon, they emanate upbeat and encouraging surroundings. However, over the last few years, some greedy traders have started selling chemically treated or secondhand duplicates of gemstones, which obviously don't provide any astrological benefits to the consumers, resulting in their dwindling trust in real gemstones as well. So, to realise and experience the full potential, the individual has to wear the right and authentic gemstones. 

To choose or not to choose

While the authenticity of a stone is an important aspect, placing your trust in the stone is also pertinent. Even in the scientific medical field, trusting the healer aka your doctor is crucial to the healing process. 

Nitin concludes, "It is said that the rare and naturally extracted gemstones represent the powerhouse celestial bodies of Indian astrology, including Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Emerald (Mercury) and Diamond (Venus). Real gemstones even hold the power to transform the placement of planets; however, a stone is just a stone, no matter how rare or expensive it is, unless you put your complete faith in it. Hence, the wearer needs to put in the crux ingredient, in this case, a healthy amount of trust for the gemstones to curry up favours with the universe."