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6 Easy Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside

Here are some expert-approved ideas to bring nature inside. No balcony, terrace or patio needed...

In the midst of the pandemic, we have all realised the importance of having a green space at home. When you spend most time indoors that’s the only way you get to connect nature and unwind and relax. “Humans have a natural affinity that draws us to nature and other living things. This is called biophilia, and it can have a powerful impact on our health and psychological well-being,” says Rachna Agarwal, founder of Studio IAAD, an award-winning architectural and interior design firm located in Gurugram. While going out and reconnecting with nature isn’t an option just yet, here are some ways suggested by Rachna to accentuate your home with biophilic design and breathe new life into it.


Bring In The Great Outdoors

Biophilic design blurs the line between the indoor and natural spaces. Vertical and rooftop gardens create this effect to maximise available space and create an oasis of greenery within the structure. If your home has a more expansive layout, you can indulge in enclosed interior gardens to host natural life within the comfort of your home. These miniature gardens are set within the home and surrounded by glass walls, letting you enjoy a private garden within the privacy of your home. They make the perfect verdant backdrop to living areas and add an organic character to the home.

Use Your Surroundings To Their Fullest

Having your home surrounded by greenery is the most effective way to stay connected to nature. Imagine a lush lawn in your front yard, accentuated with perennially flowering vines climbing up the outside of your home. Sounds picturesque, doesn’t it? This classic feature of biophilic design not only makes your home aesthetic, but also creates a stunning view for you to enjoy even while indoors. Even in an apartment, you can indulge in your biophilia by turning your windows or balconies into miniature aerial gardens that also add colour to your view everyday.

Add A Splash of Water Features

Water represents for us - calm, purity, and relaxation. Water features in and around your home create an aura of serenity. Classical features like reflecting pools are best suited to large structures, but even a small personal pond completes the picture perfect scenery of your private garden. Miniature fountains can be set up both indoors and outdoors, and create a perfect place for recreation and meditation. The added benefit of keeping your home cooler in the summers is just the cherry on top.


Think Beyond Just Plants!

Indoor flooring and furniture is an excellent place to incorporate nature, by replacing tile and metals with natural materials. Marble or wood flooring adds a distinctive character to your home as it is less abrasive and naturally comfortable to walk on despite changes in temperature or weather through the year. Replacing artificial furniture with wood or cork alternatives also adds a warmth to the parts of the home that you are most often in contact with. Naturally made materials are inherently unique in their origin, which gives you an endless variety of colours and textures to choose from. 

Let There Be (Natural) Light

When it comes to light and air, always choose abundance over minimalism. The positive psychological effect of lighting and open spaces is tied to our natural affinity for sunlight and wind, and thus the easiest way to brighten your biophilic home is to simply maximise the amount of natural light and air flowing in. Since most homes are already built with lighting and ventilation in mind, you can build on this by picking semi-reflective flooring and wall materials, and allow for easy cross ventilation through the home. Open spaces in your living and bedroom areas will create a sense of airiness and make your home feel connected to the outdoors instead of isolated from it.

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment!

Biophilic design relies strongly on personal association and comfort, so try different things to find what works for you. You can experiment with a variety of local and exotic plants to add colour to your home and its surroundings. If you enjoy wildlife, a bird or squirrel feeder in your garden will definitely make it livelier with animals. Biophilic design aims to enhance your home by reconnecting with nature. Thus, you can combine its elements in any way to create an aura that appeals to all your senses.