5 Natural Aphrodisiacs You Can Eat to Spice Up Your Love Life

From chocolate-covered berries to comforting stews and more, check out the yummy treats that can get the romantic sparks flying! 

Whether you are trying to conceive or just trying to get an energy boost for your sex life, here's help. 

Dietitian Vidhi Chawla says, "Conceiving puts special nutritional demands on your body. So, if you're trying to conceive, now is the time to learn about which nutrient-rich foods to eat more of and which to avoid. While trying to conceive, strive for a balanced diet and eat real foods rather than highly processed foods. Cakes and cookies, which are high in fat and sugar, should be avoided."

Here are her picks of food that are sure to put you in the mood and make you healthy too: 


The yolk of an egg aids in the stimulation of ovulation. Folic acid, which is found in egg yolks, aids in the formation of blood cells during pregnancy. When trying to conceive, however, raw egg yolk should be avoided. Raw eggs are a food to avoid if you want to get pregnant. Boiled eggs are beneficial because they contain Omega-3, which is essential during pregnancy.

Leafy greens

If you ask someone how to increase ovulation naturally with food, almost everyone will tell you to eat more dark leafy greens. Dark leafy greens recipes, such as palak paneer, can be found in every Indian kitchen. Spinach leaves are high in vitamins, good for the ovaries, and high in folate.


Berries are one of the healthy foods that can help you conceive. Any berry is a good source of antioxidants, which aid in the production of healthy fertile eggs in women of reproductive age. Berries boost libido. Berries are high in vitamin C, making them a good choice for a pre-pregnancy diet.

Sweet potatoes

Vitamin B6 is important for the development of a healthy embryo because it plays an important role in cell multiplication. Pregnancy is made possible by our body's ability to successfully create these cells over and over again. This B vitamin is abundant in sweet potatoes.


Gingerol, the primary bioactive compound found in ginger, has potent anti-inflammatory properties. PCOS and endometriosis, both of which significantly impact fertility, are strongly linked to inflammation in the body. Including more ginger in our diets can help reduce inflammation and make conception easier.