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5 Ways to Cosy Up Your Home for Winter

Small tweaks to brighten up your space and mood 

It’s that time of the year, when you spend most time indoors, curling up on bed with a warm cuppa and your favourite book or binge watching holiday movies. Since, you spend so much time indoors, you want your space to look cosy, bright and winter friendly. So here are small tweaks that you can make in your decor to perk up your mood and space.

1. Use the right colours

Punam Kalra, interior designer and creative director of I'm the Centre for Applied Arts, says, “You need a dose of energy that will lift your spirits this season. Choose the right colours. Colours of the season go rich and warm, they give a sense of comfort and indulgence. Use vivid and subdued hues together, for instance pumpkin orange and cedar or magenta and rustic rose, or complementing colours like emerald green and mustard. Recreate the summer vibe to forget the cold.” If painting the walls sound a little too much to do get bright wall papers or get art works or decor accents in these colours or play around with upholstery. 

winter decor

2. Pick warm upholstery 

It’s time to bid bye to the chills with warm upholstery. Velvet, fur and suede fabrics work well in this season, says Punam. You could also choose to add some quintessential winter patterns like checks, houndstooth and plaids to your cushions, throws, tablets, blankets, etc. 

3. Add mirrors to your walls

Mirrors on the wall reflect light and open things up. Especially in winter as you light up your living space, the mirror would amplify the festive cheer.

home decor

4. Fill the rooms with candles 

Candles are a seasonal intervention. Splurging on some gorgeous scents is a solid way to bring some coziness and romance to a room without breaking the bank. You can mix scents to create complex smells that make you feel warm and relaxed. And the soft light from candles can do wonders to the overall look of the room.

5. Use flowers to create happy vibes

Vases packed with fresh flowers in the middle of winter can instantly cheer you up. They also add colour to the space.Bright peonies or roses or chrysanthemum are a simple yet effective mood lifter