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6 Fitness Lessons You Can Learn From Sara Ali Khan

The actor’s fitness journey is quite inspiring and here’s what she does to stay fit

If you are looking for some fitness motivation, look no further than Sara Ali Khan’s Instagram. The Bollywood actor’s fitness journey is quite inspiring. She keeps posting snippets from her workout regime for her fans and followers. Here are a few things you can learn from her to get on track with your fitness

1. Do not skip cardio


There was a time when Sara weighed 96 kilos and to get herself to do intermediate exercises, she had to lose the excessive weight. So she began her fitness journey by doing a lot of cardio like walking, cycling and hitting the treadmill. Even now, she makes sure to add some cardio sessions into her weekly fitness regime.

2. Focus on weight training to tone your muscles


Weight training has myriad benefits. It promotes joint health, builds a stronger core, improves balance and also tones your muscles to give you a sculpted body. Weight training aisles effectively helps burn stores fat in the body.  Sara swears by Pilates, a form of strength training to keep her body shipshape. 

3. Try yoga to gain flexibility and mental strength 


There will be days that are a more difficult or more tiring than others and at the end of it you may not want to get into any rigorous workout session. On such days pack in a session of yoga which will relax your mind and body and also improve your flexibility. A win-win for you.

4. Do include bodyweight exercises


Bodyweight exercises are a type of strength training exercises where you use your own body weight to create resistance against gravity. These exercises are convenient they can be done anywhere and need no equipment. These especially come handy when you are travelling and may not have access to a gym or training equipment.

5. Find Yourself a Workout Buddy


Unless you live under a rock, you must have seen videos of Sara working out with her bestie Janhvi Kapoor. There are various benefits of having a workout buddy. You feel more motivated as you and your buddy motivate each other, you are more consistent as you both rely on each other to show up so you don’t feel like letting down the other person and workout becomes fun when you do it with a friend. 

6. Schedule a day of rest  


Sara knows the importance or rest days. These are the days when your muscles get to rest, repair itself and grow. So take a day off in a week from your schedule and just chill!