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How to Declutter Your Diet for a Fitter You

Here's how to eat clean, ditch distractions and bad decisions 

Have you ever realised, how easy it becomes to deal with issues at work or home when everything is in order. The wise men have said it so often that the key to achieve your goals is to streamline things, declutter your path and stay focused. Likewise, if you need a fitter and leaner body, you need to eat clean, let go of distractions and sift good advice from the bad ones. To help you get on track with your fitness journey, we chatted up Preety Tyagi, lead health coach, nutritionist, and founder of MY22BMI and she shared some useful tips that you can follow.

1. Start your day with essential health superfoods such as chia seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, flax seeds. You could pick one such food for every day. Include a glass of Luke warm water to start your day and follow it with your choice of healthy superfoods such as mentioned above. “Remember to keep it clean and not mix many different ingredients with these foods,” advises  Pretty.

2. Boost your diet with high protein foods 

"A person must consume an equal amount of protein in grams as is his body weight in kg," says Preety, adding,  "think healthy proteins for you such as legumes, pulses, lentils, paneer, tofu, lean meats, seafood. Remember, to cook these proteins clean. No excessive use of any condiments, sauces, etc."

3. Include a lot of fibre

Support your high proteins diet with a high fibre diet. A person needs to be able to support his meal plans in a well-balanced way. Fiber-rich foods such as leafy greens, vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and whole legumes are essential to provide for the essential needs of your body.

4. Go for healthy fats

Healthy cooking oils such as olive, avocado and coconut oil are beneficial for your body. Foods rich in essential fatty acids must be included in the diet. Go for fresh avocados, coconuts, flax seeds, etc in your diet to boost your healthy fat content.

Include one good serving of fresh fruits in your daily diet. It’s essential to rejuvenate your body with such nutrients and nourish from within.

Stay well hydrated with lots of water, avoid chilled water.

Include homemade or naturally occurring probiotic foods in your diet, such as curd, yoghurt, fermented beans, fermented vegetables, kombucha, etc. In your diet.

"Remember, decluttering your meal plans is all about clean eating. And clean eating is all about eating things as close to their natural forms as possible," says Preety.