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Cosmo Readers Share Their Thoughts on Love, Infidelity, Gender Equality, and More!

Thousands of Cosmo India readers come together to answer some very pertinent questions about what the urban woman really wants in her relationships, at work, and in life. 

What do women *really* want? Equal opportunities at the workplace, loyal, unabashed love, and female representation across fields, perhaps? For the Big Cosmo Survey 2022, thousands of Cosmo readers answered some very fitting questions pertaining to love, life, work, and more. The responses will surprise you—and also highlight the issues that still remain unresolved. Read on for the results of this very special survey...


1. Are you single at the moment?

52% Yes

48% No


2. If single, do you feel the pandemic has hurt your chances of meeting someone?


70% Yes

30% No


3. If in a relationship or married, has the pandemic helped or harmed your relationship?


62% Helped

38% Harmed


4. Which of the following are you most looking forward to, once things normalise?


65% Travelling

20% Being able to meet loved ones more often

10% Visiting cinemas/exhibitions/events

5% Going to parties


5. Have you ever bought something after seeing it on social media?


91% Yes 

9% No 



6. How many of you find social media ads annoying? 


Cosmo survey


7. Do you think you spend too much time on social media, on an average day?


85% Yes

15% No


8. Has the pandemic affected your mental health in a negative way?


75% Yes

25% No


9. Has the pandemic affected your financial state in a negative way?


57% Yes

44% No

10. If a couple lives together, who should carry out the majority of household chores like cooking, cleaning, etc?


Cosmo survey


11. Does flirting count as cheating? 


Cosmo survey


12. Can a relationship survive if a partner is caught cheating?


8% Yes

82% No


13. Does regularly texting someone personal information, without your partner knowing, count as cheating?  


72% Yes

28% No


14. Who should pay on a first date?


Cosmo survey


15. Do you pay all your own bills?


30% Yes

10% No

60% My family/partner contributes to bills


16. What is the most important thing you look for in a relationship?


Cosmo survey


17. Do you have the freedom to pick a romantic partner/companion of your choice?


79% Yes

21% No


18. Are you currently satisfied with your love life?


45% Yes

55% No


19. Before tying the knot, is it smart to live together to really get to know your partner?


86% Yes

14% No


20. Would you rather work in a company as an employee, or run your own business?


32% I prefer the structure that comes with a company

67% I’d rather run my own business

21. Are women scrutinised for their looks, more than men?


95% Yes

5% No


22. Do women face more barriers than men with regard to career growth?


94% Yes

6% No


According to the NFHS-5, there has been a significant jump in women having a bank account (more than 80 per cent) in India over the five-year period that ended in FY21, which is an indicator of growing financial empowerment.


23. Are women judged more than men when it comes to the number of sexual partners they have had?


98% Yes

2% No


24. Would you be comfortable if your partner wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, while you worked to bring in the money?


71% Yes

29% No


25. Is it cool if your husband or boyfriend wants to wear make-up?


Cosmo survey


26. Is it cool if your husband/boyfriend wears skirts and dresses?


35% Yes

65% No


27. Do you feel that crimes against women are:


0.6% Decreasing

61.2% Increasing

38.2% Same


28. What should be the punishment for rape?

5% Life sentence

36% Chemical castration

59% Death penalty


29. Have you ever been a victim of gender discrimination in the workplace?


57% Yes

43% No


The second pan-Indian Institute of Management survey in 2021, ‘Women in the Workplace’,  revealed that women professionals lack a level playing field in the workplace.


30. Do you believe that men and women are treated equally?


11% Yes

89% No


31. Does the Indian media give enough coverage to women-related issues?


19% Yes

81% No

32. In ads and media, would you like to see more diversity and representation, such as different skin tones and body types?


Cosmo survey


33. Is enough being done about gender equality? 


84% feel not enough is being done about gender equality


34. Do men and women in the workplace receive equal pay? 


Cosmo survey


35. Can you freely move around in your society/city, including late at night?


20% Yes, I feel safe

80% No, I don’t always feel safe


36. Do you feel entirely safe while travelling in India?


5% Yes, I feel safe

95% No, I don’t always feel safe


37. Do you have access to a sexual harassment redressal cell at your workplace? 


Cosmo survey


38. Is it important for all workplaces to have a sexual harassment redressal cell?


96% Yes

4% No


39. Does online hate tend to be directed more towards women than men?


88% Yes

12% No


40. Should companies and HR teams place more emphasis on employees’ mental health?


98% Yes

2% No


41. Do you sometimes feel limited/pressurised by your biological clock? 


Cosmo survey


42. Do you feel empowered when it comes to your reproductive rights?


62% Yes

38% No


43. Are you happy about the representation of women in the Indian polity?

17% Yes

83% No


44. Does India need more women in leadership positions?


97% Yes

3% No


According to the fifth National Family Health Survey (NFHS) carried out by the Indian government between 2019-2021, there are now 1,020 women for every 1,000 men, suggesting a significant shift in the demography of India for the very first time in history!