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This New WhatsApp Feature Will Allow Admins to Delete Messages From Any Member of the Group

Group admins now have all the power!

Have you ever thought about what our lives would look like without WhatsApp? It’s become such a default setting in our minds that if the app ceases to exist one day, it would cause a communication black hole. Think Black Mirror episode plot. On the other hand, though, the app isn’t without its kinks and cons. And in a bid to smoothen some of them out and to make the user interface better, WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that would allow admins to erase messages from any member of the group.

With this new feature, administrators will have more control over the conversation flow in the group. If someone sends an obscene message or attempts to spread misinformation or just simply sends too many ‘good morning’ forwards (we’re looking at you, family groups), group admins can simple delete the messages. They now play the role of class monitors. According to WABetainfo, a few beta testers already have access to this function. The website also shared a screenshot of how the function will work. 


The report on WABetainfo says, “Admin delete is a new feature that lets group admins delete any message in their groups: in fact, thanks to this feature, group admins finally have more control over their groups by using this new moderation tool.” If you’re a group admin, try deleting an incoming message. If you see the option ‘delete for everyone it means the function is already available to you. If not, it will be shortly.

The next time you form a WhatsApp group, think very carefully about who the admins will be. They have all the power!