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6 Tips to Have the Perfect Babymoon

Here are a few smart tips to ensure that your pre-baby holiday/vacay goes easy-peasy.

Your life completely changes when a baby comes on board, whether you are a single parent or a couple. The change begins even before the baby arrives. Well, of course, if you are pregnant, you experience physical changes that are nothing like you’ve ever had before, and even your daily life takes a 360-degree turn. And then you’re also learning about pregnancy and parenting, as well as prepping for all of it. Soon-to-be parents need some time for themselves too, don’t they? And that’s why you have a babymoon—that one last trip together before two becomes three (or maybe even more). 

If you’re wondering how to go about planning your babymoon, worry not as we’ve got you sorted.

Timing is everything 

When to travel on a babymoon is one of the most important things to decide. If you ask us, the second trimester is the sweet spot. Most women experience little to no fatigue or morning sickness in the second trimester as energy levels are on the rise, plus any form of discomfort during the third trimester is completely avoided. Early into the third trimester also works, but simply do not travel late into your pregnancy. Having said that, every pregnancy is different and you should consult your doctor before travelling, at any given point in your pregnancy. As far as the duration is concerned, three-four nights is considered ideal.

woman on flight

Pick the right mode of transport 

If you’re commuting via the road, ensure that your trip doesn’t take longer than six hours. Remember, that at the end of the day, it should be less worry and more relaxation. Should you be taking a flight, it’s best to book an aisle seat that’s close to the restroom. Choosing a cruise might not be the best idea if you tend to get seasick. 

Keep a note of the weather and surroundings   

Forget mood swings, it’s an entire park of emotions when you’re pregnant. And the last thing you want while on a babymoon is to be in a place where the climate is far from pleasant. Avoid the mountains as a long hike and uneven terrain may make you feel sick. It’s also important to travel to a place where it’s neither hot nor humid, nor too cold. So where’s it going to be? 

preg yoga

Opt for pregnancy-friendly activities 

When the baby comes, it may get extremely hectic for you. This is why you can use this time for yourself and do things you love. ‘Me-time’ and ‘we-time’ on a babymoon are an absolute must. A stroll by the beach, a refreshing swim, a retreat that has prenatal yoga and a spa sure sounds fun and relaxing. If you’re in the mood to visit and get to know the city you're in, even better. Ensure that you stay hydrated, always.   

Take medical emergency precautions

We’re strong advocates of having travel insurance while on vacation. So, getting insured when on a babymoon is non-negotiable. Along with that, it’s important to have a hospital or medical help in and around the vicinity of your hotel. Do check with your doctor if there are any vaccinations to be taken should you be flying overseas. Also, be sure to pack your prenatal vitamins and any medications you take.

Let people know that you’re on a babymoon  

It’s always better to let the hotel know beforehand that you’re expecting and are celebrating your babymoon with them. For all you know, they might pamper you with something really sweet to make your trip the one to remember. Be it special deals on F&B or a room upgrade, you never know what it’s going to be. Also, if you have any specific requirements, they will make the arrangements before you arrive.