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Here’s what you may be doing wrong in manifesting your dreams

Have you been trying to manifest and not getting the desired results? There are common mistakes that could be blocking them.

We’ve heard Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Oprah, Lady Gaga, Jim Carrey, and a whole lot of celebrities talk about using the practice of manifestation to create the lives they want. The idea of being powerful enough to attract exactly what we want into our lives is mindblowing. Who wouldn’t want to hop on board? But it isn’t as simple as it sounds. The process of manifestation requires an intentional shift in thought patterns, which takes time and commitment. And often we get restless—which is where the trouble begins.

There are fundamental mistakes that we make in the manifestation process that hinder the results. Avoid those and you can clear the blocks and make way for all your manifestations to materialise.

Being unclear about what you want

For you to attract what you want, you must know what you want! And that cannot be vague statements like “I want more money” or “I want love”. The universe will know only when you know. So, make sure you are as clear and as specific as you can be. It is not simply about wanting love. You must be clear on what kind of love you want, how you want to feel in love, and what your goal with that love is. It is like placing an order in a restaurant—you order exactly what you are looking for, right? That way you can align your actions with your dreams.


There is a lack of trust in the process

You cannot get around trust. If you are still wondering, “Did the universe hear me? Do I have to ask again? When will it come? How long do I have to wait?”, you are not trusting the universe. And that is just slowing down your manifestation process. The fact is, there is no timeline to manifesting. You could manifest it in a matter of minutes too! The only thing slowing it down is our own process. And as tough as it may be, trust that the universe has heard you and is bringing you what you want. And if it hasn’t come to you yet, it is simply because it isn’t your time yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come to you, it will when the time is right.

You haven’t changed your thought patterns

The foundation of a good manifestation practice is thoughts. And that is because they affect everything. Thoughts affect how you feel, which in turn determines how you behave, and finally that creates your reality. Think negatively and you are likely to attract negative results. Remember that you are a powerful, capable, worthy human being who is deserving of everything they desire. Tune in to your thoughts about your current manifestation and realign to more positive thoughts.


 You haven’t shifted your energy

This one is a direct repercussion of the previous mistake—of misaligned thoughts. Thoughts affect how we feel, and you have to feel good in order to attract your manifestations. This only means that if you are feeling crappy, sad, stuck and all other versions of bad, you are inhibiting your manifestation from reaching you. Make it a habit to feel good. What helps is thinking about all the things you want to manifest and how manifesting them will make you feel, and then working to feel like that right now. Visualisation helps in this step. It can instantly lift your mood and help you attract better.

Being too attached to the outcome

While you work on the mistakes above, make sure to detach from the results. Being too attached to the results can lead to desperation, which instantly creates a block in manifestation. When we are needy, we channel the energy of being unhappy about not having the thing we are seeking. Being patient, trusting the universe, and then letting go is the surest way of attracting what you want. You are responsible for how you feel and taking control of that power means channelling the right energy to make manifestations come true.

Happy manifesting!