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5 tips to make shower sex more pleasurable (and safe)

Put down a non-slip bath mat first!

There comes a point in every relationship where you look at your partner and then at the bathroom and think ‘we should have sex in the shower’. In theory, it’s extremely hot. However, the logistics aren’t as easy to figure out as they are on dry land—there isn’t as much space to move about, there is always the risk of slipping, and your body’s natural lubricant won’t work in there. But just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it can’t be mastered. You just need to keep a few things in mind to turn up the pleasure nozzle. Keep scrolling to know what those are!

Set the mood

Think- some music; a few scented candles; and if you have a bathtub, then maybe throw in some bath salts (Chandler seemed to love them) or a bath bomb. If you have no time to do any of this, at least tidy up in there. No matter how steamy the shower is, whirls of hair in the sink and dirty soaps are just big no-nos.

Get some silicon-based lube

Repeat after us—water is not lube and neither is soap. Not to mention, none of your run-off-the-mill water-based lubes are going to come to your aid in this situation. The solution? Keep a bottle of silicone-based lube in your bathroom cabinet. They are thicker in consistency and will last longer in the shower.

Even if you don’t use lube regularly, it’s an essential component to optimise pleasure in the shower. Why? Well, think about it. All that water will also wash away all your body's natural lubricants. Silicone-based lube will get the job done. 

shower sex

Don’t make penetrative sex the goal

A shower is a great place for foreplay and oral sex. And if you feel like you want the main course to be served on the comfortable bed that is waiting for you, no one will judge you. And in that case, there are also plenty of other things you can do to raise the temperature in there (figuratively). For instance, you can use the shower head to stimulate each other or lather each other up. The list is as long as your creativity. But once it’s go time, it’s okay to move the party to a safer location.

However, if you decide to ‘finish’ what you started in one place, then be mindful of your chosen position. Don’t try to pretzel it up without proper support. Try missionary, the yab yum or reverse cowgirl instead. Remember the saying—‘when in doubt, keep your feet firmly on the ground’. If it’s not working, laugh it up, and go back to foreplay rather than struggling. 

shower sex

Get all your senses involved 

You’ve got touch and sight covered. But feel free to get all your senses involved to boost your pleasure levels. Use some aromatic essential oils in the bathtub or a body wash that leaves behind a sensual, vanilla scent. Along with all that, experiment with the water pressure, and water temperature.

Have something to grab onto

It doesn’t take a genius to see the potential risks of shower sex. The biggest is that you’ll slip and fall if you’re in a ‘bendy’ position without adequate support. To avoid this, you need to take small precautions. Put down a non-slip mat, for instance. Or install handles for you to hold on to. Obviously, these won’t hold your entire body weight but you can at least be able to switch positions or hold onto your position without the fear of dislocating your shoulder. And if you want to explore more adventurous positions, install a foot pedal that will allow you to lift your leg with ease during penetration giving you all the space you need to feel everything more intensely. Are you browsing already?