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5 dating card games that will bring you and your boo closer 

Bring on the heat! 

Sometimes, we can fall into a rut in our relationships, and while there’s nothing wrong with predictability while you’re dating, it doesn’t hurt to shake things up once in a while. And luckily for you, there are ample ways to do so, one of them being card games made exclusively for couples. From spicy ones that will heat up things in the bedroom to conversation starters that will help you connect with your partner, there all kinds of these games. Go through this list of the ones we can’t wait to try. 

My Muse Under The Sheets Card Game

My Muse

If you’re looking to spice up your relationship or reignite the spark, then this intimate card game by My Muse will do the trick—it features 150 cards across five exciting categories (think Never Have I Ever, wild cards, and more) that range from fun and flirty to downright dirty, and are sure to break the ice. Its unique prompts and sexy and frisky dares will ensure you’re in for a happening *wink* time!

Oye Happy Dirty Truth and Dare

Oye Happy

If you want to take your relationship to the next level, then this raunchy card game that comes with 50 truth cards and 50 dare cards will bring all the spice you need. Take turns either spilling the beans or performing a dare! With truth cards questions that include: “How many times a week do you touch yourself” to “What is your biggest fear in a relationship?” they are guaranteed to bring you closer. For dares, prompts range from giving the opponent a lap dance to running an ice cube over the opponent’s body until it melts. 

50 Shades Of Never Have I Ever 

50 shades of Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever gets a steamy twist in this card game where you’ll be confessing secrets and funny experiences, taking part in playful dares, drinking, and getting down and dirty. Your partner and you take turns picking one of the 50 cards that are divided into three categories—strip, shot, and wild. Once a question is asked, the other has to either take a sip of their drink, strip a piece of their clothing, or do whatever their partner says, depending on the card they have.   

Reflections—Conversation Starter for Couples 


Not all couple card games are meant for you to get naughty in the bedroom; some are just about getting to know your bae better! With Reflections, get ready to discover things about your partner on a deeper level with this curated set of question cards that will encourage conversations and build trust between the two of you. The 90 cards feature thought-provoking and timeless questions—you can play the game at different points in your relationship and see how you’ve grown. 

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game—Couples Edition

We're Not Really Strangers

You think you know your partner well enough? This game might just surprise you! Designed for couples who are looking to grow in their relationship and deepen their connection, We’re Not Really Strangers Couple Edition has 150 questions and wildcards spread across three levels. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been sweethearts for a while now, this game will show you how well you know each other, and reveal parts of their personality and your relationship that you didn’t know existed. Expect questions that range from fun ones like: “What do you think my perfect date night would be?” to deeper ones like “What do we have in this relationship that you never thought possible?”