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7 sex positions for tall-short couples that actually work

So you’re not left staring at their chin during missionary! 

Dating a tall guy can be all fun and games—from cute kisses on your tippy-toes to being the little spoon while cuddling, up until you take things into the bedroom, where the serious height difference can throw a spanner in your sex life. 

Sex positions like missionary do not take this factor into account, and steamy standing up sex against the wall like how they show in the movies? Impossible. 
But if you thought that you’re doomed to awkward, mismatched sex for eternity, think again. There are plenty of sex positions that will make you forget that you have a height difference in the first place!

Cosmopolitan India lists some of its favourites, which have been tried-and-tested by the team. 


Side-to-side action never gets old, and this position, where you are not facing each other makes it totally okay if your faces aren’t level (unlike in missionary). Both of you lie down on your side while the taller partner cuddles you from behind. If you want to dial up the heat, then you can add a vibrator to the mix. 


As the name suggests, this one looks exactly like a wheelbarrow. And while that sounds intimidating, don’t let that stop you from giving it a go! If you’re the shorter one, then get down on your hands and feet. Then, wrap your thighs around your partner’s waist as they support you by holding you by the hips. Girls, this position is the perfect incentive to get that upper body workout in at the gym. Being shorter, you’ll be closer to the ground, giving you more stability, and it will also result in a snugger fit and deeper penetration. Hot!



This is one position where the height factor doesn’t matter at all—your partner lies down on their back while you straddle facing them. This is also great for clitoral stimulation as your boo will have their hands free to pleasure you or they can even bring in a toy for the job. 

Doggy style with a twist 

A classic position, this one becomes tricky to execute when you and your partner have a considerable height difference and your pelvises don’t align. This can be easily remedied through a number of ways—the receiver can kneel down on a pillow to level with the penetrating partner, or the taller one between the two of you can stand at the edge of the bed while the other goes down on all fours.  

Flat iron

This one is for all the short girls who want maximum pleasure with minimum effort. All you have to do is lie down on your stomach—pillow under your pelvis totally optional. Then raise your hips slightly in the air while your partner lies over you. This is way more intimate than doggy style, if lovey-dovey positions are your jam, and it also presents the perfect opportunity to use a vibrator to up the spice level!



Romantic girlies, this one’s for you! The lotus, or yab-yum position is as intimate as it can get—your partner sits cross-legged while you straddle them, wrapping your thighs around their waist. The seated position removes the height difference out of the equation, and the proximity leads to some intense eye contact, so you can stare lovingly into each other’s faces.

Table top

Don’t let the name fool you—you don’t necessarily need a table top for this one. A high enough bed, the kitchen counter, or any other flat surface that brings your pelvises level with each other will work just as well. The taller partner stands at the edge of the table, while the shorter one lies down. We love that this position brings you face-to-face, which can be super hot and romantic!