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From heartbreak to girl boss era, Taylor Swift has a song for EVERY situation in your life

There isn't an emotion that a Taylor Swift song can't express; we are not exaggerating!

We promise you’ll never find another like her (#IFYKYK). Nine VMAs. An expected $100 billion dollar revenue-generating film. Saving the US economy. An icon. That is Taylor Swift. With record-breaking albums, easy-to-fall-in-love with music videos, and words that accurately describe nearly every life situation, Swift has evolved into a versatile artist through every ‘era’ and we couldn’t be prouder of the once starry-eyed country girl. Heartbreaks, back-stabbing friendships, and swoon-worthy relationships—the life experiences of nearly every twenty-something-year-old became a muse to some of Swift’s best tracks and found a home among a million fans. Think of Lover, Bad Blood, ME! Or any of her other songs—each has a relatability in life’s many situations. Here’s our list of her most relatable songs for every life situation that you may be in. 

When you’re head over heels in love with your boo 


For those with their head in the clouds and a swing their step because you’ve fallen in love, there are many tracks that will complement what you’re feeling. From Love Story, Paper Rings, and Lover, to Call it What You Want, Fearless and Our Song, these songs will leave you blushing and smiling from ear to ear. 

When you have a crush and want to ace your flirting game 


Remember when Swift sang, “You’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town”, in her hit track, You Belong With Me or when she sang, “You’re so gorgeous// I can’t say anything to your face// Look at your face// And I'm so furious// At you for making me feel this way”, in her song Gorgeous? Not only do these songs make you feel understood and heard for the way you feel when a cute boy walks past you, but they also has some stellar lines that you can definitely use to ace the flirting game. 

When you’re beginning your journey of self-love 


Let ME! by Taylor Swift and featuring Brandon Urie of Panic At the Disco be your anthem when you’re beginning a flirtatious love affair with yourself. The song serves as a reminder to accept yourself the way you are (flaws and all), be kind to yourself, and never let anybody bring you down. 

For the one that got away 


We’ve all had that one—the one that got away and we wish we could turn back time to make amends with them and express how we feel. Well, we’re not alone. Taylor Swift’s Back to December and Everything has Changed uncovers the bittersweet and heart-wrenching emotions of what it is now and what could have been. Listen to these to sit with your feelings and have a good cry. 

When you’ve got your heart broken 


No one does a good heartbreak ballad like Taylor Swift. If you’ve gotten your heart broken, there’s nothing a like a good crying session with her songs in the backdrop. From All Too Well (the 10-minute version, of course) and White Horse to Getaway Car and The 1, take your pick for some solace and comfort amid the chaos. 

When you’re in the 'couldn’t-care-less about being heartbroken' phase 


Heartbreak doesn’t last forever, but healing from it happens in phases of messy ups and downs and it comes with its own gamut of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. You’re not really sad, but you’re not fully happy either. You feel angry, hurt, confused, free—all of it at the same. But fret not, Swift has you covered here, too. Listen to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Midnight Rain, Blank Space or Closure, and we promise you’ll feel heard. You may be in the mood for some revenge too, so, Bad Blood, Look What you Made Me Do, and Reputation are here to make you feel savage AF. 

When you’re just having fun 


The brightest dawn comes after the darkest nights. You’ve been feeling more of yourself lately, you’re happier than ever, excited for new adventures and just having a good time with your friends. So, we’d definitely recommend cueing your playlist to 22, Shake it Off, Welcome to New York, Mean, and even Style

When you want to hide away in a library and live the Jane Austen version of your life 


Yes, there’s a list of Swift's songs for this classic literature-esque fantasy, too. He Willow, August, Cowboy Like Me, Champagne Problems or any other song from her 'Evermore' and 'Folklore' albums will convince you to embrace cottagecore and have a scandalous summer fling.