10 cuddling positions and what they reveal about your relationship

A cuddle says a thousand words!

01 December, 2023
10 cuddling positions and what they reveal about your relationship

Physical touch is a basic human need which provides a sense of attachment and connection. After a long day at work, only one thing seems to fix it all—a spooning session with your partner and falling asleep in their arms. Irrespective of whether you cuddle on the bed while sleeping or on the couch while watching a movie, cuddling is hands down an important part of the relationship. It brings the couple closer, and it’s these shared moments of vulnerability that deepen the bond and offer solace and security. 

What does your cuddling style say about you?

Your body language speaks volumes about your relationship and is one the most powerful forms of conveying your emotions and intentions. This non-verbal way of communication helps to express feelings that words might not capture. Therefore, a couple’s cuddling positions tell a lot about how they seek each other in the relationship. 

We have compiled a list of 10 popular cuddling styles of couples and their meanings based on information from different sources. Let’s find out what your and your partner’s favourite cuddling position says about your bond.


Spooning is undoubtedly one of the cosiest and romantic positions of cuddling and is cherished by many couples. In spooning, both partners lie in their sides facing the same direction, one partner holds the other partner from behind offering a sense of protectiveness. As most of your body is in contact with your partner, it provides you with more comfort. This position heightens the intimacy in the relationship, bringing the couple closer.

Head on the chest

It’s a classic position where one partner rests their head on the other partner’s chest, tuning into their rhythmic breathing and heartbeats. It is said that listening to your partner’s heartbeats serves as a comforting reminder of their existence in your life. It’s a heartwarming experience, encapsulating a deep emotional bond between the couple.

Face to face 

This romantic position is also called as ‘pillow talk’ position, wherein partners sleep facing each other keeping their heads at the same level. Some couples may drape their arms on each other signifying a sense of trust, intimacy, and dependence. Some couples prefer a little bit of distance between them, this indicates openness and understanding between the couple. However, this particular position might also suggest a desire for attention from each other and the inability to provide it. It may signify some ongoing issues between the couple. 

Tangled legs

This is an unusual sleeping position where the couples intertwine their legs into one another, keeping the rest of their bodies slightly away from each other. This position is preferred by couples who want their own space while sleeping but also need some sort of physical touch from their partners. This indicates the level of comfort with your partner, where you can truly be yourself, without any inhibitions. There can be another meaning of this position which signifies a lack of connection between the couple, especially when only one person is hugging. 

Back to back

Sleeping in this position more often indicates independence and comfort over snuggles. There is a misconception that this position signifies a lack of connection between the two, which might be true in some cases, however, couples usually prefer this position to sleep freely and comfortably. It provides a sense of security just by being near to your partner. On the other hand, it’s a classic post-argument sleeping position for a lot of couples.

Baby spoon

This cuddling style is the exact opposite of spooning. Usually in spooning, the big spoon cocoons the little spoon from behind, however, in the baby spoon position, the big spoon stays in the same position while the little spoon turns around to face them, lying like a baby in their arms. This is a cute and comfortable position that signifies intimacy and belongingness. 

Head on the arm

In this position one partner uses the other partner’s arm as a pillow, supporting their head and keeping them close. This cuddling style indicates one partner is caring for another partner by reaching out to them and the other partner seeks comfort by sleeping on their arm. However, some couples find this position a little uncomfortable, as after a while it numbs the partner’s arm due to the weight of the head and it can give a sore neck to the other partner.

Opposite sides

In this position, the couple sleeps facing away from each other on the two opposite sides of the bed. Most often this position indicates that the couple is less comfortable with the physical touch and affection. However, on the other hand, this also signifies the most comfortable stage of the relationship, where the couple is no longer required to demonstrate their love through cuddling.

The embrace

As romantic and cosy as it may sound this position, where couples embrace each other while sleeping, has to be the most uncomfortable style of all. It undoubtedly brings the couple closer, so much so that they literally exchange breaths. However, according to a lot of couples, it’s not an ideal cuddling style as the mechanics of the body make it harder. Couples who don’t want to leave each other even while sleeping prefer this style as it symbolises their mutual interest in staying close all the time.

Holding hands

Hand-holding position is an indicator of a strong connection and comfort between the couple. In this position, couples prefer to stay connected with minimum but significant physical touch, conveying to one another that they’re there for each other. A lot of couples associate the initial stages of their relationship with this cuddling style.

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