Non-sexual forms of intimacy that will strengthen your relationship

It’s not always about sex! 

29 June, 2023
Non-sexual forms of intimacy that will strengthen your relationship

Yeah, sex is great, but have you ever cuddled with your partner after a particularly long and difficult work day and experienced all your stress melt away? The truth is, there’s more to intimacy than just getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, and as human beings we have emotional needs that can only be fulfilled by intimacy. Non-sexual forms of intimacy help us build connections on a deeper, emotional level, which leads to stronger and more meaningful relationships with our partner. 

Below, Cosmopolitan India lists down the many ways in which you (that don’t involve sex) can connect with your boo. 

Hugging, cuddling, and other forms of affection



Not all physical forms of affection need to lead to a hot romp—sometimes non-sexual physical touch can make you feel just as safe, calm, and happy. It has a lot to do with science—when you’re hugging, cuddling, or simply touching each other, your brain releases serotonin or the ‘feel good’ hormone. It also releases oxytocin, which helps you bond and is a sure-shot way of building intimacy. So, here’s your cue to hug and cuddle with your partner more often for a deeper connection. 

Quality time like cooking together or taking a walk


If your love language is quality time, or even if it’s not, spending time together engaging in activities you both like will bring you closer to each other and lead to memories you can fondly look back on and bond over. It’s a win-win. For instance, when you cook, you get to brainstorm, collaborate and work together, which will inadvertently strengthen your connection. Other things like playing games together, going on a walk, or partaking in a hobby as a pair establishes intimacy. 

Listening to each other

In a relationship, one of the most meaningful things you can do for your partner is to truly and attentively listen to them, without distractions (no sneaky scrolling on your phone!). When you listen to each other, it means you are interested and invested in what they have to say, value their time and are willing to devote yours, and care about how the other feels. Now that’s intimate.

Complimenting each other 

Who doesn’t like receiving compliments? We do, for sure! When someone (especially our partner) says something nice, our serotonin levels get a boost. Words of affirmation and flattery make us feel good about ourselves and create a sense of intimacy between the compliment giver and receiver. So go ahead and compliment your partner more often; brownie points if it’s not appearance related. 

Goofing around and sharing inside jokes


If you’ve ever laughed, goofed around, and shared inside jokes with your friend or partner, you’ll know how it makes you feel—like you’re part of a cool inner circle! The truth is, these moments of joy build intimacy and bring you closer to each other. Let’s be honest, life can get too overwhelming and serious sometimes, so when you are silly and playful with your boo, in that moment you share something truly meaningful.