5 Simple Hangover Cures That Can Offer Respite After a Wild Night Out

Party hard, rehabilitate harder.

14 July, 2022
5 Simple Hangover Cures That Can Offer Respite After a Wild Night Out

Bottomless brunches and gals' nights' replete with mimosas have the potential to leave you woozy the morning after. So, as you navigate your 'hangxiety', perhaps, try your hand at a few easy-lemon-squeezy cures that can offer some respite through the day? Cosmo got in touch with nutritionists who elucidate the foods and drinks that can help minimise the unpleasant after-effects of boozin'.


Water and Electrolytes


Start simple—drink up. "Alcohol is a diuretic; it severely dehydrates you. Owing to this dehydration, we lose electrolytes, including sodium and potassium. Hence, the consumption of drinks such as lemonade or coconut water can go far in replenishing your body with the essential nutrients and minerals," explains Prachi Shah, Nutritionist and Founder of Health Habitat. 


Berries and Cherries


Alcohol can induce oxidative stress, a phenomenon caused by an imbalance between the production and accumulation of oxygen reactive species (ROS) in cells and tissues, and the ability of a biological system to detoxify these reactive products. "Fruits, especially berries, cherries, kiwis, and pomegranate, are rich in antioxidants that help neutralise the free radicals in the body; thus help manage the symptoms of a hangover," adds Prachi. 


Alkaline Foods


According to Payal Kothari, Gut Health Nutritionist and Author of The Gut, egg whites, along with good fats such as cheese, and fibrous foods, including spinach, asparagus and mushrooms, are a must post a boozy night out. "Oats chilla or tikki with mixed vegetables is ideal for those who are vegan, while tofu salad or a few pieces of paneer tikka with veggies works for those who seek a high protein and low carb intake. Plain greek yoghurt and an alkaline, fibre-rich bone or vegetable broth are recommended to minimise the symptoms of intoxication."




Ginger possesses the power to quell nausea and queasiness. "The best way to invite the wonder ingredient to your diet is by squeezing a few drops or throwing in a few shards in your cup of tea. To avoid further dehydration, stray away from caffeine and opt for a soothing herbal tea instead," explains Prachi. 




Whip up a balanced breakfast the next day—incorporate whole grains, lean protein, and liquids—to keep uneasiness at bay. "Avocados lend good fats and potassium, which your body craves. Research also shows that the fruit contains compounds that protect against liver injury," she adds. Avocado on toast for brekkie, perhaps? Bananas, too, are a rich source of potassium and electrolytes.