5 Zodiac Signs That Make the Best Friends

Super-motivating Leos or the Aries friend you can count on for the best party and more - is your BFF's zodiac sign in this list?

22 March, 2021
5 Zodiac Signs That Make the Best Friends

"We don’t choose our parents, nor do we choose our siblings, but there’s one person in our lives who we choose ourselves without any external influence. Yes, we are talking about the best friend. However, it’s not an easy task to perform the role of the ‘bestie’ in someone else’s life. It requires unparalleled trust, tweaking your own priorities, time and effort. Your zodiac sign does not merely determine your basic characteristics, but also influences your attributes as a friend, or say the best friend," says Pandit Jagannath Guruji, astrologer, prophesier and philanthropist.

Here is his pick of zodiac signs that make great BFFs, is your bestie one of them?



The natives hailing from this zodiac sign are among the most giving people when it comes to their friends and family. They value their relationships deeply and are emphatic as well as comfort the people they share any kind of relationship with. If you have a Capricorn bestie, you do not need to feel alone during tough times, for they would never leave you alone or in limbo in complex situations. It is their support that would give the much-needed confidence in such situations. Also, you can bank on them when it is about sharing your deepest secrets, as they can keep all secrets. For the Capricorns, friendship is of no less important than family. However, if you end up hurting them, they will never forget or forgive, no matter what.



The Aries are known to be always high on energy, and hence their temperament is that of someone who loves adventure and seeks an adrenaline rush. They leave no stone unturned in following their passion and also act as a source of motivation for their near and dear ones. You will never be left wanting encouragement if your best friend is an Arian. Do not hesitate in seeking any help from an Aries friend.  



The most outstanding attribute of Gemini natives is their skill to carve their own path even in the slightest of opportunity. They are, however, not interested in being the centre of attention. They do not mind if people around them steal the limelight, as long as they manage to achieve their targets. They are among the best support systems that one could get in the form of a best friend. Needless to say, they are extremely fun-loving and happy go lucky.  



The Leo natives are honest people who do not like mincing their words while expressing an opinion, and we all know that it is one of the most desired attributes in a friend. Apart from being honest, these people are very bold and attractive. They will be your best motivators when the going gets tough. Leos always encourage their friends to prosper in career and follow the same path themselves. They are very positive in their outlook and intend to rise in life while motivating others. These people fight against all odds to fulfil their ambition.  



The Virgos are known to be solitary reapers and are always hailed for putting in their 100% in whatever task they take up. They are perfectionists even when it comes to friendship. They ensure that their loyalty is always intact. No matter which hour of the day or night you need them, they will ensure that they are available for you. A Virgo native can always be trusted as a friend. Also, they are very caring, especially for their friends.