6 questions every interviewee should ask in a job interview

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29 November, 2023
6 questions every interviewee should ask in a job interview

The only situation other than an unforeseen marriage proposal that can give you jitters are: A job interview. No matter how seasoned one might be, an interview often summons a familiar flutter of nerves. Amid the anxiety, it's easy to forget that an interview is not just a scrutinising process; it's a dynamic exchange where both parties—employer and interviewee—seek a perfect fit. While many focus on preparing answers, what often goes unnoticed is the significance of asking questions. Beyond showcasing your interest, inquiring about the company's culture, expectations, and vision is equally crucial. So, the next time your interviewer throws a “Do you have any questions?” at you, instead of saying no, here’s what you can (read as: should) be asking them. 


“Can you help me understand the culture of the company? 

Asking about the culture of a company during a job interview is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, understanding the work culture helps you assess if it aligns with your values and working style. It provides a glimpse into the environment that you'll be navigating daily and which will impact your job satisfaction and overall well-being. Beyond the obvious aspects, such as dress code or office layout, delving into the company culture sheds light on how decisions are made, the level of collaboration encouraged, and the overall atmosphere. This knowledge is vital for determining if you'll thrive in the organisation.

“What is your favourite part about working here?”

This question encourages a more candid and honest conversation. Employers who genuinely enjoy their workplace are likely to share their positive experiences openly. Their enthusiasm and specific mentions can provide you with a deeper understanding of the company culture beyond what's listed on the website or presented in official materials. Apart from this, you also have a chance to establish a connection, irrespective of the decision you will make. 

“Is the team looking for someone with a specific skill set for this position?” 

By seeking clarity on the desired skill set, you not only position yourself as an informed and proactive candidate but also pave the way for a more targeted discussion. Asking this question allows you to assess if your skills match their requirements, preventing potential mismatches and ensuring you invest your time and effort in opportunities where your strengths are genuinely valued (and vice versa).

“How does the company plan to grow in the next two to five years? 

A company's success is often reflected in its concept of growth. Hence, delving into the specifics of how your professional journey aligns with the company's trajectory becomes an important aspect. Inquiring about the company's growth strategy serves as a deliberate effort to understand the organisation's long-term vision and your potential role within it.

“What are your expectations from the hired person for this position?”

Many individuals experience job dissatisfaction because they lack a clear understanding of their team's expectations. To sidestep this issue, it's important to have a clear understanding of what a company expects from its employees. Further, it will allow you to prepare yourself mentally and leave you with a clear understanding of your everyday goals.

"Could you paint a picture of what a usual workday looks like here?"

This question is a strategic one and will help you ensure that the day-to-day reality of the job resonates with your expectations, contributing to a more informed decision about the work culture and your fit within the organisation. It also helps you visualise what your potential routine could look like.