Here is how you can take your 69-ing game to the next level

Lube it up and throw a toy into the mix!

19 February, 2024
Here is how you can take your 69-ing game to the next level

There's no denying that because of the way it looks, the number 69 is a global sexual innuendo that almost every adult will have an opinion on. And while some people think simultaneous oral stimulation is hot and hell, others aren't really the biggest fans. On one hand, 69-ing can take the pressure off, allowing you to just enjoy the chaos of it all. But it can be quite awkward for one to be in such a vulnerable position. Not to mention that even the world’s best multitaskers might have trouble focusing on giving and receiving pleasure at the same time. The solution? Take turns and intervals. It’s a marathon, not a race. 

Whatever your opinion about the position, open communication, a few tailored variations, and a desire to experiment can steam up the room in minutes. We’ve rounded up a few points on how you can use this oral sex position to elevate your pleasure levels. 

PS: Before you dive in, remember that the goal of this act is to not only reach the big O but also to have fun. Happy 69-ing! 

Use your hands and toys too

When you’re 69-ing with your partner, be sure to bring out your best oral moves, which isn't limited to only using your tongue. While swirling your tongue around your partner’s naughty bits is a good place to start, using your hands in perfect sync with your mouth will blow your partner’s mind. And if you want to make it more intense, throw a sex toy into the mix. People often forget that vibrators aren’t just for solo pleasure, but can be used with your partner too. For instance, when you’re tied in a game of 69 with your female partner, you could incorporate a G-spot stimulating toy to give them a sexpirence they won’t forget. Just make sure to soundproof the walls first!  

Don’t take it too seriously  

If you’ve done the 69 position before, then you know that it can get pretty awkward and uncomfortable. But the trick is to approach it with confidence and not get in your head about it. This is one of those things that you just have to thoroughly enjoy and savour without giving it a second thought. Instead of worrying about trivial details, keep it sexy and sensual, and just relax. One way to do this is to amp up the foreplay beforehand. You could tease your partner by spending a little extra time kissing their upper body, making your way down, and getting into position. This will help you both ease into it. 

Switch up positions   

Who said there is only one way to 69? There are variations upon variations of the classic positions. For instance, if you’re bored or a little tired of being on top, lie back and let your male partner straddle you. This basic swap of positions will open a whole new world of opportunities for you to pleasure your partner.  

Another variation to try—especially if you want to follow the first point in this story but are having trouble balancing—is the side-to-side position. Here, you lie on your sides, facing each other in the 69 position. And if you want to try something slightly wilder, have your partner lie down across the width of the bed with their head hanging off the edge. Start by kissing him, and then work your way down, stretching over him, until you both have enough access to each other’s genitals. This position will let you take charge and boost your confidence.  

Lube it up  

Lube is the magic potion that makes all sensations hotter and steamier. It also makes sure you don’t sustain an injury. In short, lube is a win-win for when you want to do the 69. It allows both of you to push boundaries and take the pleasure quotient to new heights. However, be sure to pick the right kind of lube. You don’t want it to be too heavy or too light, forcing you to stop every now and then to reapply.  

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